Monday, September 13, 2010

gold Lamé

I am thinking gold lame' may be the most beautiful nail polish in all the land.  

this may become my new standby.  

would you do it?
you'll never see me saying no to a little bit of bling.


  1. Oh, I love that gold. Its gorgeous!! Gives me nail envy

  2. Woww
    I didn't know that nail polish existed
    I love it so much,
    such a gorgeous colour


  3. seriously. why haven't i been repping gold nail polish yet? such beauty.

  4. Love all three colors~ My very first nail polish I ever got was a glittering soft sand gold Sally Hansen. Very reminiscent on the one on the right. I think I have to go get a new bottle ASAP.

    xx Vivian @

  5. OPI makes an amazing gold: Golden Rules! It is my go-to if I am going out and need to paint my nails in a hurry (because it looks great with only one coat, seriously).

    Did you know OPI's new collection is Swiss inspired?! Great sparkles in this one too!

  6. such a good color. i have been wearing OPI red non-stop - might have to make a switch!

  7. Oh I think I would buy the 'Black Velvet' and the 'Gold Lame' but I didn't see them here until now ...
    I hope they will find their way to Germany soon! :P



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