Monday, September 20, 2010

bike ride to france and a french lunch

  a turquoise door?  i've never thought of it.  brilliant.  we passed it on our bike ride to France today.  
I just stood. and stared.  and took a few pictures.  
She is lovely and comes complete with a little garden around back.

when in france ...
glace & lavender covered cheese for dessert

a modern french house.

this picture puts a huge smile on my face. sweetest.

{Jesus said: I am the way, the truth & the light -John 14:6}
such beautiful words. in a gorgeous language. 

{Where do you come from? and where are you? - Response in the Bible}
ahhh thank you sweet french church for that reminder.

lunch in france. 
 just me, jb, and my roots. 
what happens when bad roots happen to good people.
 i'm dying the mane dark soon, i promise.

I hope you all have one sweeeeet glace/fromage start to your week!  


  1. HAHA Your so funny.. Your hair looks fine! I wish my hair was long like yours!

    I LOVE the turquoise door! and your pictures are so pretty!

  2. That door is right out of a fairy tale. I love it

  3. John 14:16, one of my favourite verses from the bible! Looked like a beautiful trip you had! Wishing you a great new week and thanks for your always so sweet comments :)


  4. stop it. i want to be in france sooo much. and like hang out with you guys because im preeetty sure we'd get along.

  5. Bridget, come on over here!! i think the four of us would have some pretty amazing double dates (:

  6. first off: you are HOT! secondly, love that turquoise door. yum! thirdly: jb's wedding ring is hot hot hot! xo

  7. Loving that turquoise door! And you are so cute... roots or no roots :)

  8. i had tarte flambee start to my week :)

  9. Fave post.. i love the pastel colors, it's like a fairytale


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