Sunday, August 29, 2010

ten types of french cheese and too many of bottles of wine later ...

please don't be mad at me.

 i took a total of 5 pictures from the party.
i was entirely too busy laughing till i cried, eating french cheese, stealing kisses, dancing, and drinking french wine.  
we ended the night at 2 AM.  !
which sorry i'm not sorry but it is the latest I've stayed up in a gazillion years.
We finished the night eating nutella crepes and swiss chocolate.

i want every single night to be a wine and cheese festival at our home. 

Hope you have a happy Sunday!!   


  1. oh that sounds perfect!
    and i think you always know that a night is good when you forget to take pictures and are fully present for it!

    i now have a serious craving for nutella crepes...

  2. cheese festival...this is the best!!
    wish i had been a little mouse under your table :-)

  3. sooo fun! i want to see the 5 pics! :)


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