Monday, August 2, 2010

milano part 2

this is a shopping mall, y'all.  i die...
the front of the most beautiful shopping mall I have ever seen!

jb and I at the top of La Rinascente for some drinks.
we were 10 meters from the duomo!

i know I've shown you before but "oh dio mio"... 
how gorgeous can you get?
This is the biggest (and most beautiful) gothic cathedral in all of Europe.

We are in Austria for the week as JB coaches the U-18 Swiss National team!  They play Belgium tomorrow.  wish us luck (;



  1. i have been to this restaurant last year with my two best friends, enjoying a cold white whine and eating the best buffalo mozzerella of my life. loved it there. milano is great and luckily only three hours away by train from berne :)
    have fun in austria, viele grüsse, kristina

  2. oh my mall!! i want to go there!
    beautiful pictures!
    xoxo, jamie

  3. That shopping mall is absolutely amazing.. =)

  4. did you see pumpkin head?? Wasn't it there?? GOOD LUCK JB!!!

  5. Your photos are so gorgeous! Love them!


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