Monday, July 12, 2010


Seeing JB soooo sooon.  I'm just one (hopefully good) nights sleep on a plane away from my L O V E.  Being away from your husband/boyfriend is hard.  Even harder when you are 6 hours apart and have both been busy bees.  At first I was brave ... (sort of/not really) ... but now missing him feels more and more like chest pain. or a gigantic hole in my little mended heart.  Soon i will be put back together again.  
I can't wait to kiss John Bullock!!  


  1. I always act embarrassed to say those things, but I know how you feel. We have to battle during the holidays to see each family because we don't want to spend those precious and special days apart.

    I'm glad you will reunite soon.

  2. yay for reuniting!!!!! email me when you get back! LOVE YOU!

  3. Hii! I am a friend of Ashley and Emily and I found your blog through them and just wanted to tell you I am OBSESSED! You are a great writer and photographer and I am thrilled when you update your blog! If you have time check mine out!.


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