Monday, July 19, 2010

Venice in photos

Arriving to venice will take its own blogpost ... in the future, when I can physically wrap my brain around how crazy it was.  Let's just say that today it is a hilarious story - yesterday it was a little harder to find the humor in all the mishaps.  But we're here and it is so beautiful.  It's been TWENTY years since I've been in this city and I still look at it with the same childlike amazement.  
love to venezia

top is ancient f21, belt jcrew and shorts - catherine holstein

Started out the day with a gondala ride.  

our little gondala-man.  
aren't their shirts cute!?  
and it seems to be pretty standard to wear raybans.
i like his job.

Sea horse on our gondala - it had to be ours.

one of the 122 gorgeous churches in Venice

San Marco 
view from just a few steps off San Marco

terrifying to me = being around all of these pigeons. 
those creatures of the dark may be my biggest fear.

 a true Italian if i've ever seen one.

cute american girls with their lace umbrellas.

our delicious appetizer at GAM GAM's - amazing israeli-italian food in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto

um, can I have you?  please and thanks.  

my sweet husband JB enjoying a treat - nutella gelatto.  mmmmmm

Have a great day!  


  1. Incredibly breathtaking! what an amazing experience with jb just strolling, so in love! love you both! xoxoxo drink some red wine for me :):)

  2. I love your photos! What kind of camera/film do you use? Or is it digital editing? Love the antique look!

  3. love the photos and love you!!!! wish bkm, shep, mj and I were there with you and jb!!!

  4. Amazing photos! Venice is one gorgeous place!!

  5. Thanks guys!!

    HaleyRyan- i just used my itouch program - color process. They have it on too. And my camera's are an old olympus and a canon rebel xt.


  6. Ahhh! I feel like I'm on a mini vacation looking at your pics. And please bring me back a puppy like that too!

    xx Vivian @

  7. Just keeps getting better :) You need to print out this entire blog some day. So great. You have quite the life, Sadie, quite!

  8. These photos are gorgeous. My hubby & I are going to Italy next summer & these pics are getting me excited!

  9. that top picture is my top 5 pictures of you. so freaking cute

  10. Venice looks ever so beautiful, i stumbled across your blog and i have very much enjoyed reading your posts! It has made me what to go travelling again! So many amazing cities in Europe! Isabella x


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