Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lucerne - second time around

Lucerne once again!  This time with a friend - Kelly. 

We rode up the gondola and then down the steepest cogwheel in the world.  
two times I've been in Lucerne.
Second times the charm - it was clear enough to take a trip to Mount Pilatus.

We walked up these fresh new steps ... not quite - I thought they were about to break and I'd tumble down.

But it was worth!

Oh Alps - you guys are breathtaking.  

going down the cogwheel with Kelly

And finally back on solid ground!



  1. love lucerne, it so cute and the location at the lake-side nakes it even nicer... hope you had a good trip home! viele grüsse, kristina

  2. love lucerne, those steps were scary! did you write your initials on the shack at the top?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Nicole- we didn't... but when JB and I go (now that we know) we will for sure! thanks.


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