Monday, July 26, 2010

Capri - little slice of italian heaven

Capri ... have I convinced you to come yet?

we took a boat tour and swam in the grottos.  
just look at that water.  clearest water I've ever seen.  you could see your toes - no problem.  

my little fish

we rented a scooter on Capri!  
I have to admit that it was frightening in the beginning but necessary and then fun to get around easily on the mountain/island/paradiso of Capri.

JB is such a serious driver.  maybe because of the precious cargo. :)

these are the taxi's in Capri.  lovely.

Capri looks a tad how I imagine Santorini to look.

relax. deep breaths. easy to do here.

the handsome mr. jb tucker.

I hope I've convinced you to hop a plane, boat, or train and head down to the isle of Capri.




  1. ahhhh, isn't italy sooo pretty? love it. gerat pictures.
    viele grüsse, kristina

  2. I'm just in aww of these pictures. I showed my boyfriend the pictures in your last few posts and I think his jaw hit the floor..absolutely incredible.

  3. O.M.G. GORGGGEOUS!!!!! those taxis are incredible! you look so beauty!!! xoxo miss you!

  4. i have family in italy and ive never been! and this DEFINITELY makes me want to go! cute blog :)

  5. I love all of your pictures. I am envious of each-n-every photo as I sit here typing away at my keyboard inside an office. Ps. I nominate that you submit your pictures for a tour book!

  6. Thank for finding my blog as yours is adorable! You have some of the most amazing photos ever. I loved my time in Capri. I studied abroad in 2001 and Italy was def. one of the best places to eat indeed!

  7. In that one pic of the white topped buildings, I really DID think you were in Santorini! Maybe you and JB should go and check out the Greek islands, just for comparison's sake ;) Just wait til you try the eggs in Greece--I don't know what it is, but they're the best I've ever had! besos.

  8. i am wiiiiiiiiiiishing i was still there. booooo.


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