Monday, June 14, 2010

Solingen - European baseball cup. day 1

At the European Cup representing SUISSE (as my t- shirt says) (:

beer for the world cup. how cute are the soccer balls?

most of the houses here look like this and have this shade of green shutters.

a close up.  i love the texture.

lots of pretty details around every corner.  
i pleasantly got lost today going to the field ... 4 km out of the way, on foot.  But i met a nice bus driver who will take me and some portuguese ambassadors together everyday now (:

AND they won!  they beat a team from Oslo, Norway 0-10!  yay swissa and yay JB

and now we are off to sight see.
hope you are having a happy monday!


  1. I love it!! You're so beautiful, Sarah!! How much fun.

    I wish you were going to be there long enough for us to save up and visit!!

  2. You look so lovely. Yay for a win!

  3. omgosh sadie! i love that pic of you and jb!!! the bball wear is DIVINE! xoxo

  4. you look beautiful Sarah and jb sooo handsome!!!!

  5. I love your blog. Very cute and inspiring :)

    Very happy I found it :D

  6. Hello there!! I'm your newest follower!! Love your photos and those beers look fun!!

    Btw my blog is over at
    Hope you like it and follow me too! ;)

  7. What fun photos and the top one is adorable!


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