Thursday, June 3, 2010

nail polish

I packed light for our 8 month journey.  one checked bag. one carry on.
Russian Roulette from J.crew is the only shade of nail polish I brought along for the trip.
That is OK with me! 
 I'm a bore when it comes to nail polish ... if i have it done i go for pale pink and when i do my own it's always Russian Roulette.  (:  

Any new colors I should add to my repertoire?


  1. I'm loving navy blue nail polish right now~

  2. love love love the red - so classic!! But for summer anything in the coral or bright pink family is a fav!

  3. I'm a bore too, Sarah. Light pink on the nails, red or coral on the toes. I really want to branch out- but AC is so cool with hers I don't think I'd measure up.

    On the bright side, you're such a goddess that red is perfect for you and everyone's looking at your face anyhow!

  4. i've been getting sea blue and turkwazian but omg have you see the new OPI shrek colors? hysterical!

  5. Thanks sweet hearts!!

    Ash- I've not seen the shrek colors- going to look now. Shrek is amazing so maybe I'll like them? Although the color of him and fiona looks kind of gross.

  6. came across your blog and i love it! you are too cute!
    i'm now a follower!

    xoxo, jamie

  7. I love Commander in Chic by Sally Hansen..yes, SALLY HANSEN! Good old drugstore stuff!!!! It's a violet gray and is a great transition from summer to winter and spring to summer!

  8. Thanks Jamie- I love your blog too!!

    Joeli- Thanks for the tip. a violet gray sounds beautiful!!


  9. I had no idea that J. Crew carries Essie now, that's awesome! I've been really into the OPI by Sephora collection. "I'm with Brad" is always my go-to color.

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