Tuesday, June 8, 2010

just pinched

When I just don't feel like putting on powder and blush, eyeshadow, etc ... i leave the house with Just Pinched by Mark and a little mascara.  

I LOOOOOVE Cheeky in Just pinched - gives a nice sweet glow.  

You can order it through my friend Emily's Mark Store here.  


mark's beautiful philosophy:
mark was developed to celebrate the mark that young women are making in the world today. The foundation of our brand is the philosophy of social beauty- the idea that women love to be social and want to be beautiful. The embodiment of social beauty is the mark Rep, because mark isn't just about products you can buy, but also products you can share.


  1. I love it Sarah!!! Thanks for posting --- in love with "cheeky" too! xoxoxo

  2. Since I'm currently unemployed, I've cut back on my Sephora purchases. But I could surely squeeze this into my budget. Thanks for sharing!

  3. might have to try...can Em be my rep too??

  4. Yes Ken!! I can be your rep!! Just follow my link - http://esadlow.mymarkstore.com

    Let me know if you have questions!

  5. Lexi- sephora is heavenly! Mark is so great too and so much less expensive. I've been so impressed with the quality too.


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