Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day trip to Cologne with sweet heart and chris

Cologne Cathedral.  aka the DOM.

it was windy in front of that Dom.

French Pizza. yes please.

@ The Lindt Chocolate factory.  
now that is a chocolate fountain.  

Chris and JB enjoy a mid day beer.  so euro.

went to the koln gustapo prison.  these words are inscribed with fingernails, pens, pencil, bullets... whatever they could find.  they were brave, brave souls.  it was heavy to go there but worth it.

more DOM

cute houses along the rhine in cologne

one of the first conversations after moving to swissa with  my mom was: 
"momma, they wear KEDS here!"  outrage.
and now ... i've regressed.  I bought a pair.  i'm turning euro.

P.S. the Flyers beat the Polish team 14-2 this morning!! yay SUISSE!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures from Cologne!  



  1. I love euro style...not sure about the keds though :)

  2. OMgosh i'm soooooooooooooo obsessed!

  3. Nicole- they grow on you. i scoffed at them at first, now I proudly adorn them (:

  4. love the keds and love Cologne. There is this amazing museum super close to the Cathedral. We took a trip there is grad school to see the Calogne Art Fair!!! Are you going to make it to London on any of your travels?


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