Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where'd you go Sun? come back.

It has been gloomy for over a week now.  come on basel.   i am missing the sunshine.  I tried to combat this by ...
coffee in my owl mug gifted to us by collie's grammy

Lunch at Cafe Amici

this cute little wake forest fan

AND then it happened ... the sun shone.  

But only for a few whiles ... a massive hail storm ensued.  

In the meantime I have been cooking up a storm and reading about Rudolf Steiner school (one of JB's teammates works for one of the three RS schools in basel).  I am certain old rudolf and I would have been pals back in the day.  in love with his schools and the theories behind them -- particularly the lunch program.  

Hope it's sunny where you are.


I love hearing from you (: