Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vienna in photographs

Sorry to bombard you with pictures of Vienna.  It's just more beautiful than words can describe - picts do a better job.  Everything is well manicured and so very greeeen.  parks everywhere. art everywhere. pedestrian/bikers galore.
 in one word - heavenly.  
Upper Belvedere

hapsburg rule

oh so bike friendly

love when cities have these rental bikes.  complete with a basket.  perfect

Mona ... with a beard and a gotee?

The Secession building
How cute are these horsies?

vianesse flowers
eggplant, cucumbers, sprouts, sand.  yummm

where we stayed:  The intercontinental.
cannot say enough good things about this hotel.
five golden stars (:
you're perfect. please do not change. 

Pfudl is traditional Vianesse food and mouth watering.
I couldn't stop raving about it.
in fact, i still cannot.

I am a total history nerd and Vienna is a perfect place to indulge that side of me.  
The hapsburg, napoleon, german occupation, all of the royalty, the art, the music, klimt (i saw The Kiss!) 
perfection in a city.  


  1. not to get all technical on you, but how did you edit those photos with that great effect? On your lappie? I LOVE it!

  2. I use my i touch- you could use your iphone- it's an app called ishakeit photo. (:

  3. omggggg. i just saw this post in ''posts you make like'' and had to click it since i lived in vienna for 4 months this summer. i'm dyyyyying...i love vienna and love these photos of it! ps- i had to visit the intercontinetal hotel for my internship and evaluate it as a possible site for an event we were hosting for the Embassy...it is a great hotel. :)


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