Sunday, May 23, 2010

to cruise or not to cruise?

We are thinking about a transatlantic cruise back to the good ole USA in late October.  Although after Ash and Sheppies cruise experience we are a little hesitant.  Also, last time we went on a cruise -- this is what happened:

So what do y'all think?  is 14 days entirely too long to be on a cruise?  
or shall we set sail?

{Public service announcement:

coors light and dramamine don't mix.
the above is the result}


  1. um, ahhhh how can you not want to see those white legs again cruising on the water?

    My husband and I LOVED our cruise but it was only for 7 days and it was through the Mediterranean! I think that if you have the opportunity to do it, then do it! When will you ever get that chance again?

  2. omg'sh don't let us ruin your plans. literally it could only happen to the coggin's!!!!!!!!!! :) :) and to see that amazing sight again might be worth it! ;)

  3. I know girls! I think we are going to do it. We're not in any hurry to get home so why not take our time (:


  4. Please sail the seas home!!! That sounds amazing!!!


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