Monday, May 24, 2010

Roman Holiday

other than the wedding... which really how can you top that--
here's what we were up to ...
{the vatican}

{in love gelato}

{the pantheon}

{nun watching}

{trevi fountain coin throwing}


where we ate ...

Cul De Sac   ... delicious homemade lasagna. 

La Taverna ... a 5 course meal.  it was incredible.

where we passed out ...
Roman Holidays is an adorable bed and breakfast.  It is just a few minutes to the Vatican, safe, relatively quiet for Roma, and very clean.  Plus, we paid 112 USD a night-- which is a steal for Rome.  

<3 Roma.
Here are the rest of our picts from this trip


  1. Oh this looks amazing! I am so jealous of you. and yes I tagged you in the happiness award :) i love your blog too so thought you deserved it. hope you have a lovely time on the rest of your trip. xx

  2. beautiful photos, especially love the one of the nuns. my fiancee will be spending a month in florence this summer and will be making a little trip down to rome...i'll have to let him know about all the spots you've scouted! so lovely, i'm a bit jealous!

  3. you are literally a profesh photographer! In love!

  4. Thanks girls!! it was so fun. Hattie- you should go visit him if you can. i'm dying to go to Florence.



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