Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confessions of a planner: Roma

We're going to ROMA tomorrow.  It's a first for both of us.  Way back in the day when I lived in Italy it was not safe due to the mob- and certainly not for someone with four kids in tow.  As for JB- this may be the only place we go to that he hasn't been.  So we're pretty much on cloud 1000 in anticipation.

As usual i have researched like a mad woman and have everything planned ... thankfully, JB loves this about me.  You really must to do this when you go to somewhere like Rome - there's just so much to explore.  Here's what we'd like to accomplish other than going to Sean and Anne's wedding inside the VATICAN  (holy moly i'm excited):

1. tour the colosseum & roman forum while we're at it.
2. Take a look at the Pantheon.
3. Eat at Cul De Sac (which friend Chris says is the Consum of Rome- but better.  we are sold.)
4. Have an Italian Beer at Baladin/Open
5. Tour the Vatican
6. Sistine Chapel
7.  Throw coin in Trevi Fountain
8. visit the spanish steps
9. Eat our weight in gelato
10. take a Scavi tour

Anything I am missing?  let me know.

... when you plan (:


  1. have so much fun!!!! take a pic with the guys outside of the colosseum. dressed like roman guards. it's priceless! xoxo

  2. hi i am kendall's soon to be new roommate and a college friend of mj's. kendall forwarded me your blog the other week (i promise i am not a creep.. well kinda because i really like reading your blog). anyways, i see that you are heading to Rome this weekend and if you are an audrey hepburn fan like i am ... i would recommend going to the mouth of truth (la bocca della verità)from the movie a roman holiday. it was one of my favorite place that we went. here is a picture or my mom and i putting our hands in -

  3. Thanks Ash!! xoxox

    Linda- I'm a huge audrey fan-- thanks so much. Going to la bocca della verita sounds like a dream. And thanks for sharing your picts. can't wait to meet you. Kendall says so many great things! xox

  4. 1. where did you live in italy? i lived in naples in high school!

    and 2. the spanish steps are my favorite place in rome - and i have no idea why! just something awesome about them :)

  5. So excited for you!! Have so much fun and lots of pics plz

  6. B.b. - lived in milano for two baseball seasons. naples must have been so fun! And we are definitely taking a trip to see these steps!

    Shannie- thanks. i will (:


  7. ohhhh i am so jealous. I love rome so much, i was there in July last year and thought it was the most amazing city. I hope you have a fantastic time.

    I love your blog and am now following :)


  8. I really loved the Borghese gallery, it's a beautiful building as well as houses some of the best Bernini sculpture! You have to book tickets in advance, but it's not that big of a place, so it's easy to do in a little bit of time. Have so much fun in Roma! Also, check out the Piazza della fiore at night, it's where all the kids hangout and you can chat and drink with hip Italians ;) xoxo


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