Tuesday, May 25, 2010

celebrating the proposal - parkside.

{Dress and belt are from Anthro
necklace is juicy from my bestie Ashie}

We spent this afternoon celebrating in the park- had lunch, strolled around, and were caught swinging on the swing set.  We celebrated the fact that it's May 25th! : One year ago today JB proposed in a park.  
And I'm soooo glad he did!

celebrate life.  


  1. omg'sh i have goosebumps. congrats you two! love you both!

  2. one year went by sooo fast! I remember when i got the phone call!!! p.s. love the dress!!

  3. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate this equally special day! In fact I think we'll be back in FLA for the big anni on June 24 :)

  4. Thanks Ash and Ken!! <3 you girls.

    Bailey - you must celebrate! It's kind of unreal to think how much a year has changed things. Enjoy your engagaversary. :)


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