Friday, April 9, 2010

Jessica Lorren Thank you cards!

These beautiful thank you cards are just another reason to have Jessica Lorren photograph your wedding. 
I adore stationary and hand written notes.  If you've met me once or twice, the odds are I've probably written you. gratitude in any form is always appreciated.  I was taught to thank people for having us over for dinner, inviting us to a wedding, etc. etc.  And a nice way to thank people is through hand written letters.  So that's how the post office became a good friend of mine.  But back to my favorite thank you cards. ever.  (above & below)  Just another reason to have Jess photograph your baby, family, wedding .... (:  

Obvi it was only appropriate she gets a thank you card in return for ALL of her hard work.  and treats too.
Photo courtesy of Jessica Lorren.  Tandem bike thank you from wedding paper divas & calling card from sweet pea designs.  


  1. i looove these cards! I kept mine! :)

  2. Thank you for stopping in and for your sweet comments. You have a lovely blog and I agree about thank you cards. I have a post about them coming up.....some one raised you to have wonderful manners. All the best.


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