Monday, April 19, 2010

It's about that time ...

We are finally moving into our flat ... we have the keys, just need the furniture.  It is going to happen -- this week!  I'm excited although I will miss living on the rhine. As I already told y'all ...  I love the little flat.  It has two bedrooms, a porch, a place for a garden, it's close to anything I would ever need, and recycling is a very short walk.  But I do need a lot of help with actually making it a home.  So any tips, advice, ANYthing would be sweet as pie.  Here are ALL of the pictoras ... 
Our street ... which I cannot pronounce for the life of me.  

keys ... isn't the one in the middle impressive?

kitchen ... stove and furnace are adorable ... but for much shorter people.  

the Loo
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  1. SO cute, Sarah! You'll make it perfect. Maybe risers for the fridge and stove? ;)

  2. CONGRAAAAAATS! it's ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!:)

  3. bake some bread, that makes it smell more homey, I love your place so cute!

  4. when i first moved into my new place i tried to find candles or scent diffusers that smelled like home or other favorite places. i know that it sounds a little basic, but because of the way that smell is linked to memory it really has worked!


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