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April 2010

    Paris is always a good idea. – audrey hepburn

    We leave tomorrow for Paris! My heart beats wildly just thinking about it!  I even purchased a striped romper just for the occasion … and I thought i was over rompers but the thought of Paris made me get her.  i mean i had to have something with stripes.  At least I didn’t go all out and buy a hat with a black ribbon on it.  although i did think about it… embarrassing.  

    Just as I’ve always dreamed we are going to have a picnic tomorrow morning on the Eiffel Tower‘s lawn !  I may faint from typing that let alone experiencing it.  If any of y’all have any paris tips I’d soo appreciate them.  
    So far our agenda is to expand our waistline by eating cheese,more cheese just in fondu, wine, macaroons, OH– and go to museums (:  

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