Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luna De Miel

Two months ago we were lounging in the dominican republic on our honeymoon -- just sippin yummy drinks with peculiar names, hanging out in our cabana, and eating 3 lobsters a day!  It was perfect aside from the fact that I "reformatted" our pictures on my good camera aka erased them.  Here are some from the camera that was spared reformatting.  P.s. when your camera asks you to reformat?  just say NOOOO.  that is my PSA for the day.


que lo que?  tranqy-tranqy


  1. What a lovely trip!

    This makes me even more ready to bust out of this joint.

    Who needs pictures when you have vivid memories of your days under the sun? Thanks for sharing these pics though.

  2. I know the canon let you down in the reformatting process, but I do LOVE the washed out quality of these that I think you can only get on the beach--did you use a disposable?

  3. emsicles ... it is actually a digital tiny one JB got me that can go underwater and go through war and still remain intact. I used this shake it photo APP on the i touch to make them all polaroid-ish.

  4. How cute!

    Just found your blog & love it.



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