Monday, March 15, 2010

Camilyn Beth's high tea bridal shower

Yesterday we had Cami's bridal shower.  It was so perfect!  the weather (70 and sunny), her outfit (a vintage dress she picked up in Sweden), the bride (oh my adorable!), and the Tea!  I don't have many photos of the event because I was working behind the scenes.  But here are just a few of my favorite details.
We marinated Feta, olives, and little tiny tomatoes in a balsamic mixture overnight and then skewered them a bit before the shower.  These little babies were definitely a crowd pleaser.
the kiwi, cucumber, strawberry, lime, and lemon infused water was so refreshing!
I made these a couple days in advance from a williams sonoma sugar cookie mix and their message in a cookie!
I found this vintage avon recipe box at Ella and Ruby's etsy shop.  I had sent everyone two recipe cards in the mail in advance and asked them to write a recipe for a good marriage on one and their favorite on the other.  I loved reading what her grandmother wrote!  so sweet.
I had these made by Miss Pickles.  I adore swizzle sticks!  and aren't these cute?  My mom stuck them all in ice cub trays with a strawberry in each.  Just adds to the yumminess.
We had 11 of these pom pom puff balls all over the backyard.  (we had one casualty as one made its way to the pool).  

And let's just be honest with ourselves here ... is there ANYTHING sweeter than this bride?  Nope.  I can't wait for July 10th!!


  1. wow good work girlie, love the personalized vintage feel!!

  2. I'm in love. This looks so sweet & personalized. The smiles say it all ;)

  3. I am mentioning your blog on mine because I love it so much. I hope you don't mind.

  4. i am literally in awe of this! i felt like i was reading this in a magazine.
    :) you are amazing and cami looked stunning!

  5. Thanks guys! Yall are so sweet. It was so much fun!!

    And of course Alexis. I am honored!! xoxo

  6. This was such a special party. There is a sweet thought behind every single detail. Sarah Tucker is so amazingly tallented I am so blessed to call her one of my best friends. Thank you!!!

  7. LOVE YOU CAMILYN! you deserve every blessing. xox


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