Monday, February 22, 2010

JB turns twenty (eight:)

JB turned 28 this past week!  yeah, he's old.  and let me tell you. it is HOT.  I made him a carrot cake from scratch.  Here is the recipe.  Oh, and here are some pictures of the process and final product.  It may not look pretty (I will get there)- but it was seriously delicious.

I like to get all of the ingredients out ahead of time.  then take them away as i use them.  this helps me be a less crazy woman in the kitchen.  

mix those goodies together!  and voila! 


  1. Sarah,

    You are greatly missed in the office. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I will try it out & post it to my blog if you don't mind.


  2. Alexis!! of course you can use the recipe. I'm so happy to know you blog too... i feel less nerdy now. xoxox miss you

  3. Nerdy?!? My bf is a math major...we thrive on nerdiness. I hope you will browse my recipe section also. It is labeled "Eats & Treats".

    This is like my 4th blog. I can't seem to find a focus. So I just use this one to ramble about whatever comes to mind.

    Have a lovely evening.


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