11 unrelated things

1.  my big fat gypsy wedding.  have you seen it?  you can find me watching it with my mouth wide open.  and my eyes as big as platters. can i just say, i am so glad there are subtitles.  i’m so very confused and intrigued.  please someone give me a tutorial.

2.  storms.  florida storms, they are the best.  last week i was chillin with my mom and we were all YAY!  There’s a storm!  Let’s grab a snack and watch it on the back porch.  God totally shows off in Florida Storms.  Love the sound, and sight.

3.  my jewelry box got a whole lot cuter this week.  Thanks to Jen HoodenPyle & Oajules

4.  we went to our friend britt & matt’s wedding on palm beach this weekend.  And everything was stunning.  But beyond that it never lost the meaning of the day.  It’s easy to get lost in details, and while I can say every last detail was perfect – the true meaning behind the day was never lost.  That’s tough to do!  You know deep down in your bones when you’re witnessing true love – and it is such an honor!  Seeing two people perfect for one another become ONE is profound.

5.  The pastor mentioned words that they’ll need to know throughout their marriage – and I was struck that the first he mentioned were these 5 words.  i’m sorry.  I was wrong. how true.

6.  Jess and her husband Dave lent us their house for the weekend.  I love their casa!  We felt right at home… except for the fact that their home is a gazillion times more comfortable and beautiful than mine.  gotta work on that.

7.  i just finished writing a few of my thank you notes.  and this exercise always leaves me feeling good.  it’s gotta be good, downright healthy for the body to exercise thankfulness.  speaking of which, i wrote on my other blog about thank you notes.

8.  the beach surely cures whatever may ail me.

9.  I was a garbage picker last night.  i aint ashamed to say.  I spotted some wire rimmed bins and knew I needed them for my office!

10.  I still love Emily Maynard.  Anyone watching the bachelorette?  I look forward to Bridget’s updates, in fact on tuesday mornings, it’s my first website of the day.

11.  I meet Jenni this week!  i know you’re jealous.

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