10 things I’m loving including this top

photo by shannon kirsten Photo by Shannon kirsten

{photo by:  shannon kirsten }

{shirt by endless rose –on sale on shopbop – available in all sizes on revolve // jeans are joe’s from nordstrom rack last year – couldn’t find them online // earrings are j.crew – a birthday gift from kendall-thanks ken!}

Ten things I’m loving at the moment!:

  1.  Clearly this top! Bell Sleeves and Crochet is a winning combo.
  2. Suzuki.  The stars aligned with scheduling and Tuck is now in Suzuki.  The teacher is so wonderful, and tuck loves it.  Practicing hasn’t been much of a chore yet.  And I love listening to violin music in the car.
  3. Wesley’s lovies lately.  He either takes a Manatee or a plastic hammer to bed every night.  He doesn’t let go of either until we come and get him in the morning. it cracks me up.
  4. For our anniversary JB got us disney annual weekday passes.  The before kid me would have given me a lot of eye rolls.  But I’m excited to go soon for a week since our house is getting tented.  I am NOT loving the fact that our house is getting tented.
  5. I usually invest in one bathing suit a year.  And I think this off the shoulder one is it.
  6. This video about Joe and Jill Biden is so sweet.
  7. I’ve cleaned out three closets, donated a ton of stuff, since january first and it feels good!
  8. Tuck was saying something cute and I said “never grow up!” and he said “but I’m already growed up, I’m four!  but don’t cry I am not going to go to college.  I am going to live here with you forever, and I’m always going to kiss you.” soooo dang cute.
  9. I know you’ve probably heard of studio mcgee, but I am endlessly inspired by her.  everything she touches turns to pure home perfection.
  10. My favorite verse used to be “This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it” and it’s been constantly ringing in my head lately.  As it should!  what a great daily reminder.

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