10 little preggas things

oh man, it feels good to have the cat, errr kitten, outta the bag! 
keeping that from y’all was rough.  everyday for the past two months I’ve felt pretty awful, hence the lack of posts…
10 little preggas things:
1.  a lot of people have asked – have you been sick?
ummmm yes.  it’s been manageable but i have not felt near like myself.   
i’ve tossed my cookies in some pretty interesting places.  sorry neighbors bushes.  
2.    to me, loosing your cookies is always an end of the world affair.  i cry buckets. i literally think i am the most pitiful person alive.  i want everyone to acknowledge what i’ve been through.  I want a medal of honor. i mourn the loss of nutrients i worked so hard to eat! 
 I eventually get over it… 
3.  one thing that always made me hesitant about becoming a mom, though i always knew I would… was the judgment that comes along with it.  This sort of – do it this way, and if you don’t… then …. that always shocked me when i’d hear that coming from people.
  people have been having bebes for quite a few years now, and before books and hoopla they sort of just went off instincts.  
though i’m still reading a lot, i think there’s a lot to be said for maternal instinct.  
4.   we head up to highlands, NC for a wedding this week. which i’m so excted about!
i am renting the runway for the first time.  A little nervous!  they have bump friendly dresses, though my bump is not so big just yet to require that section.  i’ve got a little bump envy going on over here.  
5.  speaking of which… there’s a lot of really bad maternity clothes out there.  amen?  asos and maxi dresses are going to be my jam.  if you know of others, help a girl out.  
6.  telling people you are pregnant is maybe better than the day you let it out that you’re engaged.
the well wishes, the tears spilled, the genuine smiles, and the “you’re gonna be great parents” has been overwhelmingly amazing.  heart in overdrive.  
7.  i’m not a big fan of full on belly shots.  and here i go, with a full on belly in yo face picture.  go figure.  
8.  i’d like to thank seagram’s sparkling seltzer water, my husband, mint chocolate chip ice cream, coca cola for when it gets really bad, baked potatoes, and of course my mom for getting me through these past few months.  you are the best.  
9.  i went to a bachelorette party and had only spilled the beans to ash.  i totally faked everyone out… maybe?  y’all must have thought i was the most lame girl alive.  i had told the waiter at the mexican joint we went to – only non-alcoholic drinks, but to be sneaky about it, i didn’t want anyone else to know!  does anyone remember when they brought me an O’Doul’s?  
i meant faux margaritas!!  i passed it of like… “did someone else order this??”  
10.  second trimester, hello!  please be sweet to me.  

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