10 Back to (pre) School Snack Ideas with Igloo

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a snacker.  JB is much more of a three square meals a day kinda guy … while I prefer … six + smaller meals.  (:  My kids are snackers like me, and clearly came by it honestly.  So for summer I’ve been packing up a bunch of these containers at the beginning of the week.  I pop one or two in our insulated lunch kit (all Igloo lunch kits are PVC, BPA and Phthalates free +  Antimicrobial, puncture resistant, heat-sealed EPPE liners) when we’re heading out, and we are prepared to combat those low blood sugar blues.  Of course they work really well for back to school snacks too!  Which is what I’m gearing up for this month.  I’m always looking for ideas –finding that fine line between what I wish they would eat and what they’ll actually eat.  Anyway, here’s some ideas for snack time and for keeping it fresh (and cute!) with Igloo.  Igloo is a 69 year old brand that has been  synonymous with quality, durability and innovation since originating the cooler category in 1947 and remains the number one cooler brand worldwide today.

back to school snack ideas with @igloocoolers


1.  bananas// peanut butter // fig bites — packed with Igloo’s convertible gingham lunchbox

2.  coconut macaroons // chicken salad to dip carrots in

3.  chobani yogurt // salami // mozzarella

4.  watermelon // cranberries // babybel cheese — packed with Igloo’s recool lunchbox


back to preschool snack ideas with @igloocoolers

  1.  Watermelon with his name using cookie cutters  // Peas – Le Sueur brand is my kids favorite // freeze dried okra from Trader Jo’s – Tuck is obsessed with grilled or baked okra, so he thinks this is a big treat
  2. Carrots with ranch dressing // baby bell cheese – Tuck loves to peel these himself // raisins
  3. Apple slices (with no peel, heaven forbig there’s a peel on them!)// almond butter // organic animal cookies aka organic sugar lol
  4. turkey roll up // peanut butter filled pretzel bites // yogurt topped with muesli and a heart watermelon
  5. sweet potato ships // freeze dried bananas // the little organic cheese crackers from Trader Jo’s
  6. mandarin orange // mozzarella cheese stick // hummus and pita chips


Would love to know your go to snacks for yourself or your kids!!

ps:  Win a Back To School Igloo lunchbox of your choice by commenting on IG what your favorite snack is.

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