Thursday, August 28, 2014

french look for less

  Looking into all of the french inspired pieces - particularly the ones on the left side (inexpensive) but if you have a little more jangle in your pocket the right may be for your home!    

Bar stools:  Love these Safavieh ones (only $148 + free shipping with prime) - the other ones are from target and also safavieh but are $279.  Still multiplying that number by three or four, like we need to for our counter, hikes the price up there.

X Benches:  I've always loved the Serena and Lilly X Benches ($700!) but these target ones are just $199 and the nailheads are sure pretty.

Tufted ottoman:  I've been looking into tufted ottoman's for a while now.  It just makes sense with a toddler running like a wild buck all around.  Love the darker color of this one from Target (forgiving!) and it's only $379.  The other one is from West Elm and is $799, and is a little modern for my taste.

Cafe Chairs:  We actually pulled the trigger on these.  $268 for two!  versus $225 for one at Serena and Lily.

Where do y'all love to shop for home decor?  Any spots online that are the honey hole?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

my non gmo shopping list

While I see the need for GMO foods (how do we feed 9 billion people with organics!?  answer the billion dollar question.), personally I try to limit our exposure at home.  When you're eating out, particularly where I live, there's practically no hope of our family not consuming something that has genetically modified organisms.  If I asked my waiter if my meal was made with GMO ingredients I would likely get a blank stare.  But thankfully we don't eat out a ton.

I probably look like the most psuedo healthy person at the grocery store since most of what I buy is frozen veggies and fruits, cheese, hummus and butter.  so random!  We have okra growing out back and hope to do a raised garden for the fall (which is much more our growing season than summer!).  I buy almost all of our fresh fruits and vegetables at local stands.  My favorite is Geraldson's- love how I can buy what they've personally grown (it's always the best), and everything else is labeled as to where it came from- I know they do that in the stores as well, but it's always so much more locally sourced there.  We have a fruit and veggie stand around the corner from where we live which is good; not as good as Geraldson's though!  Every Saturday after swim class we go to Brown's Grove  - where we get our eggs for the week from the chickens tuck gets to play with/chase.  We also buy our meat there - which is sourced locally or from  North Carolina.  You can read about how they select that here.  We buy our Dakin milk which comes from very well taken care of (and well fed) cows just down the street.

But then there is all the non perishables I have to buy!  Since having a toddler I've started to buy those online at Vitacost.  It's just easier - with a toddler boy in tow, time is of the essence - no time for browsing or reading labels.  At the farms or farm stands Tuck has something to do (run wild, pet the goats, etc)- sitting in the buggy at the grocery store is equal to torture in tucks mind.  And I'm always being the best mom ever - bribe bribe bribe with food!  Thus, I love being able to shop online during naptime for the stuff in the inner aisles that always seem to take up so much of my time at the grocery store.  Vitacost makes shopping for those items so easy - I can even limit my search to all non-gmo project verified.  Or if you need gluten free AND non gmo project verfied:  voila!  Since I live in a small town I don't have a ton of access to most of these items - it's so nice I can buy these items for much cheaper than if I had a Whole Foods around the corner.

Here's what's on my recurring list from Vitacost (which are all non-gmo project verified)!

Beanitos - my favorite chips with hummus
Roasted Seaweed chips  - pop these in my bag for on the go
justin's little butter packs - on the go as well
chickpeas - I roast these with some garlic salt.  so good for a mid day snack.
Annie's cheddar bunnies - I may eat a few of these myself (:

For smoothies:
Coconut Milk - so I always have it on hand for smoothies.
Chia Seeds
Hemp Protein
Raw Protein

For sides: (which I usually just throw in my rice cooker with some chicken or beef broth + veggies)

For the hard times:  aka a lazy dinner
Annie's Mac n Cheese - I usually unthaw corn and peas to put in there to give it some nutritional value

Coconut Flour - started using this much more than actual flour
Chocolate chips - I put these in pancakes, baked goods, and as a little bribe from time to time
Olive Oil
Coffee - JB is a major coffee snob.  But he likes this for a good weekday coffee.

**This post was sponsored by Vitacost, a company I love and who is making shopping with a toddler much easier(:    this link will  get you $10 off your first order - I'll get $10 credit as well **

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This stuff!  Because skin in your thirties is a whole new ball game!  
I have special skin.  By special I mean I stillllll break out on occassion!  How pray tell can you combat pimples AND work on anti aging?  Enter Maracuja oil.  It combats inflammation, moisturizes, and fights wrinkles.  The key ingredient here is the high amount of linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid that the body doesn't naturally produce).  This kind of EFA (essential fatty acid) rebuilds and repairs, soothes and heals redness, reduces lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture, and boosts collagen production thanks to the vitamin C.   So basically, it's a super star!  I only use a few drops and right before bed, so it's lasted me for.ever.  It has visibly improved my skin - I sound like an infomerical but this aint no joke!  I first used a sample of it from Tarte but couldn't bring myself to buy the $47 bottle - enter this for half the price, and just as good.  Oh and it's organic, unrefined, handpressed, and bottled without the use of heat to guarantee the max amount of EFA's and vitamins.  I'm sold (:


Monday, August 18, 2014

the honeymooners visit

Last week we hosted the most precious honeymooners in the history of ever.  
Sophie (who I've blogged about a hundred times) and her HUSBAND George live in Sydney, Austrailia but came to honeymoon across the south, and ending in the Keys. 
Sophie was actually one of the first blogs I ever read - what, 5 years ago?!  
Back then: She was living in Nottingham, UK while George was in school - and JB and I were in Basel, Switzerland.  Sophie and I had a lot of time on our hands - and so we blogged, and wrote each other real tangible letters, and we kept in touch, always.  I've always felt this kinship toward Sophie - like if I had a daughter I'd want her to be just like her.  Also like she was meant to be one of my younger sisters.  But we never met... until last Thursday. 
I kept semi freaking JB out by how excited I was.  The whole week I had a stupid smile on my face, and kept reminding JB "guess what!!!  Sophie and George are coming!!!" .   I kept telling Tuck too - "soph soph and georgie are coming, tuck!" tuck: {stares at me}{silence}
Tuck and I were waiting for them when they pulled up - and I couldn't help but just run out and hug them both.  Tuck of course immediately loved them.
One of my favorite things Tuck did with Soph and I was grab Soph's knee, then push her over to my knee, grab mine and then Huuuuuug - three way hug.  That kid!  the sweetest. 
Allow me to tell you the kind of people these little loves are. ... 
They brought flowers (and presents and wine!) and I was putting them in vases when mount vesuvius erupted.  Tuck was puking ev.ery!where.  I quickly rushed to clean Tuck and make sure he was all right... and said PLEASE don't try to clean this up!  But by the time we were back and clean, Sophie and George had cleaned up my kids throw up.  Like it was no big deal at all. 
Who does that?  After meeting someone for five minutes?
  Only George and Sophie.  
The night was one of our favorites - even JB who always suspects at first I'm inviting serial killers over, was completely won over by the preciousness that is G + S.  
We stayed up way too late (which as anyone who has ever been on a bachelorette with me knows is hard to do) and gabbed until the early hours of the morning.
The next afternoon they had to head to The Breakers in Palm Beach (honeymooning is hard lol), Tuck ugly cried, and I felt like it.  Major post soph and george depression for the whole Tucker clan.  
These two are the real deal.  We are already dreaming of visiting Sydney one day and reuniting!     

be sure to check out the best cooking site of all time - what to cook tonight - which is a site Sophie runs (photographs, styles, blogs) with her father - an amazing chef.  
& Sophie's adorable personal blog!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gallery {Staircase} Wall

Sometimes I feel a little silly because I love shades of turquoise so much.  I'd love to be an all neutral kind of girl - I love the look.  But I can't stop buying anything in turquoise.  It's likely the ocean lover in me but whatever it is, it's been a lifelong obsession.  I love that all three of the frames above that are in that hue have been gifts from people who know just how much I love my turquoise.

Most of the frames above are Target by threshold, which can almost do no wrong!  - specifially this (with the teil duncan memorial day print), this (with the LOVE NEVER FAILS print, and this (with my parents vows).  The others are Target clearance from who knows when - ages ago.  Collected from goodwill.  Or pottery barn (the one that has my pregnant belly!).

Most prints are Oh My Deer.  We have one map - a vintage one of Switzerland in a goodwill frame.

All family photos are by Jessica Lorren // Shark photo is by Shannon Kirsten.

I tried to break up the prints and photos with some other objects.  Iput the coral fan we found washed ashore on Dog Island in the BVI's on the wall, along with a zinc letter - that was painted gold, and the brass flower starburst.  

The wall actually goes up quite a bit higher than pictured.  Not sure what we'll do - if we'll continue on up or  leave it a blank.  I put a million holes in the wall at first but then ended up using lots of these magic sticky guys - and that worked just as good.  Lesson to the wise, go that route - or your husband will have some spackling to do.  I didn't do the smart thing and cut paper out to match each frame so I could arrange.  I just went for it, but I like things a little undone, not perfectly even is all right with me.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on instagram! xox