Friday, May 22, 2015

We love Kissy Kissy + a giveaway

White + lambs on a baby is just the sweetest.  So of course I love this sleeper that Kissy Kissy sent us.  I've mentioned it a few times on different posts, but Kissy Kissy is one of my favorite baby brands.  It's made of 100% pima peruvian cotton.  The coziest!  I also love all of their sweet innocent little designs and this one with little lambs embroidered on it is no exception.  It's one of my go-to gifts for expecting mamas.  Excited to be giving away an item of your choice from Kissy Kissy!  To enter - follow Kissy Kissy on IG and comment below with which one you'd pick.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First Month Favorites: Wesley

1.  Skip Hop Duet diaper bag:  I've been mostly anti diaper bags with just one kid, but now that I have two I don't think I can get by as easily without one.  This one doesn't look like a diaper bag though, JB doesn't mind using the inner one, and it attaches really easily to a stroller.  I generally use the side satchel inner bag when we are out at the playground or store.  But once they are older I'm sure I'll use both!

2.  Wee Art Gallery:  I picked these up at a thrift store not thinking too much of them.  But then Wesley really seems to like to look at them since they are in black and white.  Tuck also likes to show him the different animals.  little teacher.

3.  Snugabunny swing:  Tuck liked it but not like Wesley.  He enjoys it wide awake or sleeping.  It's been the only reason why I've been able to shower every day.  On a related note, I'm very sad to say Wes thinks very little of the Mamaroo.  Maybe he'll grow to love it.... I hope!

4.  Native Wilds Nest:  I've loved using my nursing cover to double up as a nest for my car seat.  This comes with me everywhere.

5.  These bamboo wash cloths are my new favorite for bath time.  I'll admit that I've been known to use them myself too (:

6.  boppy lounger :  This little lounger is great for when I'm showering, and it's easily portable so I can cart it around anywhere.  He especially loves it where there is a lot of light.

7.  Baby Wearing:  I didn't use the Ergo much until around 3 or so months with Tuck but that was mostly because I felt super awkward using it.  Like he was sooo fragile and I was going to break him.  This time I'm not as frightened by the whole thing.  I nurse in this with the infant insert.  JB will wear the Ergo around too.  I love love love my lalabu baby shirt which couldn't be easier to throw on and get him snuggled in.  Bonus that he's generally fast asleep in a few minutes.  I also love my solly baby for longer trips since it has more back support.  I wore Tuck A LOT once he was older but I feel like with a second baby - any kind of sling/wrap is a necessity when you are chasing around a toddler.

Just to show you how different every baby is- this was mine and Tucks favorites from the first month.

And of course none of these items are essential.  But they have made the first month with Wesley a whole lot easier!  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Month with Wesley

I'm behind, which is the theme of my life right now so bear with me.  But better late than never.
Wesley at one month!
It's been so much fun seeing you come alive; eyes more alert, smiles, coos... I eat it all up.  You are still a sleepy head but are beginning not to tolerate your brothers constant loud noises during your morning naps.  We moved you out of the play room for this and into the guest room (and watch you on the monitor) where you happily sleep in peace.  You were 11 pounds at one month and I didn't even catch your length because I was a bit frazzled as we were there because you had a yeast infection.  You like ceiling fans, your wee art cards, nursing all day everyday, looking at lola, the snugabunny swing, naps with your brother, being held or carried in baby carrier, rocking and the outdoors.  You are so beautiful - with the sweetest little chin and mouth I've ever seen.  I love how before you could see me, but now you really take me in.  Your dad is always exclaiming "he's soooo cuuuuute!!".  and he says often,"now we have two handsome guys".  ... but I have three!   I feel so lucky my heart could burst on the daily.  
Happy one month you sweet, sweet angel boy!  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cabana Life - #PROTECTyourskin

{wearing this tunic cover up // this rashguard c// this bikini underneath // sunglasses // sunglasses accessory chain }
 {wesley's rashguard onesie}
{tucks set}- all Cabana Life is c/o

Growing up in Florida we were practically raised at the beach and the pool.  I am not complaining, those places are my happy spots.  I can still hear my dad hollering before I left for the beach in high school - "the rules are: 1 don't trust boys and 2 wear sunscreen".  I didn't always listen.  to either rule.  oops!  But now I have lots of crows feet, freckles, and sun spots to show for them.  My mother has always taught us that aging is nothing to be afraid of, and so with all of my might, I hold onto that.  I truly believe "the wrinkles go where the smiles have been".  But! she's also taught us to be proactive about our health and is especially passionate about skin.  I drove my mother crazy in high school and college with how brown I would get.  But toward the end realized how damaging and deadly too much sun can be.  So it was fake tans (these are my favorites) and lathering sunscreen routinely for me from then on.  But!  I had no idea about my clothes, I just figured where I was covered up, I was good to go.  The average t-shirt is only an SPF of 5.  crazy!  So I loved when I discovered Cabana Life a few years ago because all of their items have high UPF (UV protection factors).  May is Skin Cancer Awareness month - which is a great time to learn about how you can protect your skin, and schedule that dermatologist appointment you may have been putting off (guilty!).  Cabana Life is teaming up with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) with their new rashguards - 100% of the proceeds will go to SU2C and melanoma research.  Show your support and use the hashtag #PROTECTyourskin

If you have been eyeing something in their collection you are in luck - until the end of May you can get 20% with code ST20!  Stay sun safe this summer!!  and as my dad still says to me any time he knows I'll be out in the sun (though he's dropped the don't trust boys bit) ...

{This is a sponsored post for Cabana Life, but my love for Cabana Life can be seen in my everyday:  here (as a maternity suit), here & here }

Friday, May 15, 2015

life and home updates

this guy - i could legit eat him up.  romper is from zara.  every time I shop there I wonder why I look anywhere else!  their kids stuff is perfect.
played in the dirt all morning at my mama's and then passed out in my bed = time to wash the sheets. for the millionth time this week.  but i wouldn't have it any other way.  love little boys.

nina and tuck

What a week.  I am ecstatic to see Friday!  A bug + mastitis + two little ones will wear a girl out.

Next month we will have had our home for a year!  I thought decorating a home would be the most fun.  But so far I feel like the worst at it.  I guess that's what happens when you don't take it room by room?  But we'll get there, eventually.  I know that these things take time ... and even when we're here after twenty years I'll probably be redoing something.  Still! I feel like such a design novice.  which I am.  So I sort of err on the side of classic aka a bit boring.  I love lots of color but I am trying to outfit our home with basics at first because I know I won't be able to not buy every shade of the sea for decor.
Some things we've purchased and loved lately:
-this rug.  I wasn't sure what to expect since it was so cheap at the time.  But it's huge, super soft under feet and forgiving.  Forgiving is the most important factor around here.
-this chandelier from world market {during their Friends and fam event)
-this chandelier from rh and baby but used in our dining room  (they are such a great value!)
-this foyer table from world market
...we still need so many things and I wish I had the time to scour more garage and estate sales but such is life for now.

-along the same lines, what are your favorite interior design blogs?

- we were headed to the new Baha Mar in the Bahamas with my in-laws but sadly they still won't be open.  So we switched to Mexico.   It's the same resort we took tuck when he was just two months, but in a different location.  It's not until August but we have sent off his passport!

-Tuck is doing great at the potty ... when he's naked he always makes it.  But put a comfy pull up on and you can forget it.  He can take them off fine so I'm not sure what the problem is?  any ideas on what to do?

- something I've been doing is leaving little presents, like a sheet of stickers, in wesley's carseat or swing when he's in it and telling tuck wesley has a present for him.  He gets sooooo excited about it!  Gives him BIG "tank you bebe!"

Hope you all have beautiful weekends!