Tuesday, October 13, 2015

it is significant

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Most of my days are spent in what feels like a million and one ways - play dates, at the grocery store, chasing Tuck, changing diapers, taking tuck to the bathroom 3000 times, making funny faces to make wes and tuck laugh, popping into JB's office (now that it's 5 minutes away!  biggest blessing and a long time coming), at the park, making meals, cleaning up, sooo much laundry, and well, you get the point!  You likely do some version of this song and dance too.  I'm grateful for this dance for sure. 
This is a silly tv show to be quoting but in Homeland after Carrie has spent a day with her daughter, the sister asks what all they did.  She says - not much of anything.  And the sister says something how all that "not much of anything" is actually a lot.  
it's significant. 
 it's important even when it doesn't feel like it.  
I really hope you know that.  

{I hope I realize this truth too in the moments I feel insignificant or small in the midst of all the mothering}

Monday, October 12, 2015

wesley at six months

" watch thiths mom, i hold weshie james hand"
Wesley turned six months on Saturday.  My best friend Haley, her husband, and my precious 
goddaughter came in town again on their way home to Panama.  It was so fun seeing them lock eyes once more.  Haley and I ask each other - is it too much to ask?  that they fall in love? (;

I have been pretty weepy about him turning six months.  I said something on saturday like -we only have 35 more of these 6 month periods before he's off to college!!  JB told me I need to work on my math.  (: whatever, you get the point!  It's hard to hold myself together over the passing of time with babies.  
Wesley just started rocking back and forth on all fours and does this sort of army crawl to get to whatever he wants.  He's still such a happy, sweet, content little thing.  He still doesn't sleep through the night, and nurses quite frequently then.  I haven't minded too much as he is a great napper during the day, and that gives me quality time with Tuck.  He will go down in his crib without much fuss, which is totally different than Tuck was.  
His eyes are so big and a beautiful bright blue.  I love watching him sleep.  I could do it all day.  It is so peaceful and sweet.  He finds his brother to be the most hilarious, interesting little man in the world.  He particularly loves watching Tuck go down the stairs.  It always makes him belly laugh.  The other day he laughed so hard at Tuck he started tearing up.  laughter through tears -in a baby- what's better!  He loves being outside but the mosquitos love him too much.  He is definitely a flirt.  When people talk to him in public he smiles, and then hides his face in the crook of my arm.  again, and again.  It's so adorable.  I love getting a little glimpse of his personality.  So calm, steady, easy going, lovable.  He brings our family so much joy and beauty.  We are so grateful he is ours!!!
Happy Six Months little big guy, you are our treasure.  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cozy Movie day with Fisher Nut Exactly + a giveaway

*This is a sponsored post with Fisher*
We had a busy Labor Day weekend - filled with parties, lots of swimming, brunches with friends... but then the actual labor day rolled around and while we planned to go on the boat, the weather turned really crummy really quickly.  So we stayed in and watched a movie, the old disney movie -The Emperor's New Groove, curled up in our comfies while Wesley enjoyed napping in his crib the whole way through.  Of course snacks are always a must!  These new Fisher Nuts Exactly snacks are the perfect blend of sweet, salty with almost no guilt (15 calories a bite).  It has simple ingredients and nothing artificial.  My two favorite flavors are the almond popcorn dipped in milk chocolate and salted caramel.  When Tuck tried them he kept asking ... "more corn?" over and over again.  Not exactly the corn he's used to eating (:  
these little guys can be found in the nut aisle at Walmart!  
If you'd like to win a prize package  ( includes a sampling of all of the Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites and a $50 giftcard to Walmart ) just leave a comment below with your favorite family movie!  

*thank you to Fisher Nuts Exactly for sponsoring this post!*

Friday, September 11, 2015

Bachelorette Goodie Bag

My super thoughtful sister is away in Charleston this weekend celebrating her lifelong best friends bachelorette!  
These bags she put together, as the maid of honor, are just the cutest.  I had to take some photos of it in case anyone needs ideas (:  
Most of the treats were purchased at Target.  
But Bachelorette bags were found here, "team bride" temporary tattooShannon penned the tags and cups, and Heather made the itinerary.  Way to go, worlds greatest Maid of Honor!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

big boy in his big boys

Sorry to all those that don't have little ones or could care less about potty training.  Skip this post (:  but first take this survey please!  I don't have as much time to blog these days, but want it to be fun for y'all.   Always wonder what you like to read from me best!

I call this the least fuss potty training ever, but also the laziest too.  Lazy on my part!  But a few people have emailed/called/texted wondering how we are doing it and so here it goes...

I really thought about potty training when tuck turned two.  I thought it would be great to have only one in diapers when Wesley was born.  So for Christmas and his birthday I bought a couple of books.  He was pretty into it.  I started leaving the little potty out (I got this one at ikea) while I was in the kitchen cooking for meals where usually he is running in and outside constantly.  I'd have some of his potty books next to his little potty.  He eventually figured it out ... and one day, voila!  But I soon realized how disgusting cleaning out his miniature potty was.  So we changed to a removable seat on the actual toilet.  This worked well, but unless he was naked it just wasn't happening.  We would have accident after accident in his "big boys".  So I went with training pants, which was probably a mistake.  Because of course they are confusing!  They are basically diapers.  And then I had Wesley and potty training took a backseat.  About two weeks ago I was reading about how you can't wear swim diapers on "mickey boat" aka a Disney cruise, and I mentioned it to Tuck.  They have people that their specific job is just to watch for swim diapers!   He asks about "Mickey boat" incessantly even though we aren't going until the end of December.   We also toured his preschool for next January and while there I mentioned to him that he can't wear diapers at school.  Something clicked finally for both of us, and we were motivated over night.  The next day I kept reminding him he had his big boys on, especially once we were out and about.  Before I was too chicken to leave the house with just his underwear on.  We started with short trip to the super market, then a longer one to the park, then the next day on a play date.... longer and longer times out- you get it.  Reminding him the whole way through about his big boys on.  That was eleven days ago, we've been out everyday, he's used friends bathrooms and public restrooms...  and we have only had one accident! I still put on training pants before he goes down for his nap, though they are usually dry once I take them off after nap.   I don't know how long until I take away the pull ups at night ... and you know, sleep is just so precious!!  so I don't want to rock the boat yet...

Things that have helped:
-letting him pick out his big boys.  he picked out thomas the train and paw patrol ones!  but I have purchased these kickee pants underwear, and I've been wondering whhhhhy they aren't made in my size?!  could not be softer.
-a chart with stickers that came with one of his potty books 
-giving him a couple mini m&m's every time he went.
this book "even firefighters go to the potty" has been a huge hit around here
- we've used this oxo tot potty seat
bumbo step stool
- lots and lots of praise and an embarrassing potty song (:
- frequently asking if they need to go potty (now he almost always is the one to tell me)
- lots of reminding that they have their underwear on before and when you are out.

I really think the biggest key is both being ready.  I needed a goal, and he did too!
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and there you have it.  my big boy in his "big boys"  
.... not misty eyed about it AT ALL or anything.  (;