Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tucks Big Brother Bag: How we prepared Tuck for his baby brother, Wesley

During the time I was pregnant I was obsessive about trying to prepare Tuck about what was to come.  I prayed a lot about it and of course I always will.  I also got my hands on every book that would help prepare him, talked about the baby all of the time, and had him involved when we were purchasing items for the baby (that's why we have a lot of truck/train onesies).  Now Wesley is only two weeks old, so what do I know?  Pretty much nada-thing.  But I have to say the whole transition as a family of four has gone much better than I anticipated.  Not that I thought it would be a disaster but I definitely wasn't expecting him to love his role as big brother so much.  Seeing Tuck with Wes has already given me joy beyond measure.  When Tuck went to Grandma & Grandaddy's he had a surprise in his bag, plus a few books we had been reading to him for months.   Here are a few things that were in his bag...
1.  My favorite books out of all the ones we checked out of the library or purchased:  Big Brother's are the Best, The First Rule of Little Brothers, The New BabyJust Me and My Little Brother, and When Mommy has Our Baby.

2.  I packed away his big brother scrubs and his (3.) big brother shirt, along with the rest of his clothes.  

A few little gifts "from wesley" for when we were all home together.  A new (4.) Tegu robot set, some bubbles, and a new (5.) thomas the train.  I know this is silly, but I would put them near Wesley and let him know Wesley had a present for him. Tuck would even say "tank you baybay"

That newborn smell is super addicting!  My favorite smell in the whole world.  And no surprise but Tuck is obsessed with Little Wesley's head.  kissing it and petting the top of it.  I've read that the smell of a babies head bonds us to that baby, so that kinda behavior is encouraged around here!  

Tuck also started his ISR swim class, which is every week day for the next 5 weeks.  JB takes him each day which I know he looks forward to and loves.  I think it's nice for him to have something that is all his own and that he gets that one on one time with his dad.  I had debated on starting preschool around now but think we will wait until the fall, so he isn't bringing home all of the germs, and getting the baby and him sick.  Plus, I would miss him!  

If I had to give Tuck one word that best describes him it would be loving.  He has something really special in him that is super accepting and caring of others.  And that's been no exception with Wesley.  Some of my favorite moments over the past two weeks have been watching him interact with Wes.  Like when...
...Wesley is in the swing and Tuck brings him one of his toy trains.
....Or when Tuck woke up mid nap, saw wes was next to him, smiled, said baybay!, and rolled over close to him, put his hand around him and passed back out.  
...randomly Tuck will see Wes in his swing or his lounger and lay his head next to Wessies. 
... Wesley had congestion one night and I totally freaked out (hi!  i'm sarah, and I am never calm in the face of my kids being even a little bit sick.) and accidently woke Tuck up.  Tuck was soooo concerned and worried about his baby.  furrowed brow and all.  
.... Tuck will give wesley a hug and then he will look at me and say "mama!  hug!  baybay!" and of course I do as instructed.
... Watching them nap together is seriously the sweetest thing I've seen.  Tuck loves cuddling him.

I'm sure there will come a time where it won't be going so swimmingly, like when Tuck has to share with him, but I'm enjoying this sweet time now.  I feel like Tuck was made to be the eldest.  Obviously God thought so too(:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wesley's Layette and Bassinet

{our bed was via joss & main - not on there now but I do see it on there sometimes // halo bassinest // TBBC bunny // monogrammed jellycat bunny }}
{lamp // be still print from Jacin Fitzgerald // nipple cream via honest - this stuff is a lifesaver for that first week!  //  Savor // Tucks books // my new favorite, always with me water bottle c/o white elephant designs // our marble bedside tables are antiques} 
{changing table cover // honest baseball diapers // burts bees all purpose ointment  // honest soothing bottom wash // wipes warmer }
{pacifier and pacifier clip // extra baby hat}
Soo I have yet to finish Wesley's nursery.  The main thing I'm missing are blackout curtains.  If you have any you love - please let me know!  We also need to hang a few more pieces of art.  But I am in no rush since I'm sure Wesley will be sleeping in our room until at least 3 months ... but knowing me, likely a lot longer.  I also cleared the top of our dresser off to make room for a little changing station; so I'm not running back into his room in the middle of the night for a diaper change.  We keep the diaper dekor in the bathroom because even though it masks the smell, it isn't 100% stink-proof.  He's been sleeping in his Halo Bassinest since he came home last week.  I love that I can have it as almost part of our bed so he can be right next to me, but it'll swivel right off when I need to get up and that there's no worry I'll roll over on him.  It also has a few other things I love - a little vibration button, some music, a nursing timer, a light if I need one in the middle of the night, some music and pockets for wipes, pacis, hats, etc.  Tuck used the rock and play which was great but I did not love getting up every time he needed to be comforted.  With the bassinest the side will go down, and I don't have to get out of the bed.  So clearly we are fans!  I also have a basket with my favorite swaddles, gowns, and footed onesies; again, so I don't have to run into his room in the middle of the night!  I'll get to finishing the nursery soon - but for now I'm mostly just into snuggling my babies.  (:

ps:  i love our dresser and night stand but it's literally a hundred years old and the marble needs help!  is there any hope?  do you have any tips for making marble look like new?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Wesley Spam

Happy one week birthday!  
sleep sack c/o native wilds
adorable monogram bootie sleeper c/o bella bliss 
{Dress // shark tooth Necklace c/o Margaret Elizabeth // Bracelet c/o blingjewelry }

Wesley James you are thee most precious, sleepiest, content little lamb there ever was.
I don't even know we've even heard you belt one out.  You like everything - rocker, swing, boppy, but you are most content sleeping on my chest.  I'm most content like that too.  Your brother loves you dearly already.  When your grandparents were bringing Tuck home they asked him "want to go see mama and daddy?"  and he said " and baby too!".  He likes watching you, putting his head by your head, snuggling, touching your hand, giving you "high pives" ... we are all really excited you are ours.  You've had a ton of visitors and happily sit in each of their arms.  You are the sweetest.
It was my first day with just you and Tuck today and I'll admit I was a bit nervous.
But it's gone really well.  We've had fun outdoors, had a baby/mama play date, and  here I lay with both of you napping next to me.  
Wesley, you are the sum of so many prayers.  We love you, you little lamb.  
Happy first week!!  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wesley James: a birth story

Water was broken, bags were packed, off to the hospital!

Wesley was due on April 9th.  That day we had spent the morning with my mom, and then I headed to my doctors appointment while she watched Tuck.  I picked up my number one pregnancy craving  (a blueberry kale salad) on the way to the doctor's at my favorite bistro for an after lunch treat.  At my OB's they checked me, and I was a bit more dilated and more effaced, but I told him I'll ride it out until 41 weeks and he was fine with that.  I really wanted to go into labor naturally, I wasn't feeling super uncomfortable yet, so I was in no hurry.  I picked up Tuck so he could nap at home.  Tuck is doing ISR - which is an intense swimming class.  JB takes him every night at 6 - so he had come home early like usual.  Tuck was laying next to me asleep in bed when all of a sudden at 5:30 my water broke!  I hollered at JB to get off the phone from the other room and to come here!  I told him my water broke, I started to cry, which woke tuck up, JB started to dance around singing "we gonna have a baby", and he called his parents.  His parents live about ten minutes away thankfully and scooped up Tuck.  He still made it to swim class!  I started to pack a few last minute items and off we went!  The hospital is ten minutes from our house and I had no steady contractions yet so the ride over was easy.  JB dropped me off at the front and went to park the car.  There was a volunteer at the front directing everyone and I let her know my water had broken and I needed to go to labor and delivery.  She got real wide eyed and told me to sit down in the wheel chair!  She called labor and delivery and told them it was a code violet.  Which apparently means I'm having the baby right there in the lobby.  I had no idea what was going on and was just smiling, talking to her about her births in a blizzard in detroit, when about 10 nurses, one of which had a stretcher, from labor and delivery start running in my direction.  When they saw me obviously in no distress and no baby coming out immediately they were all confused.  The volunteer meant well!  We all had a good laugh.  A sweet girl I grew up with checked us in and as her shift was ending, she got to pick out who would be our nurse.  Our nurse was amazing!  Truly an angel.  I discovered that my doctor I had been praying I would get was the one on call.  It all felt surreal!  My mama arrived around 7:30, we breathed through contractions together until 10 when I got the epidural.  The man gave me an amazing epidural.  I could feel pressure from contractions and move my legs but I couldn't feel pain.  Total opposite of last time!  I told my nurse I wanted to labor down for as long as I could.  Around 1am she checked me and Wesley's head was right there!  My doctor came in and it was time to push. Within 5 pushes and fifteen minutes my precious Wesley came screaming into this world and was placed directly in my arms.  at 1:10am our Wesley was born!  Just an hour after his due date - what a punctual guy!  I looked over and there was JB with a couple big crococodile tear rolling down his cheeks.  JB, our nurse, the doctor, my mama - everyone was such an encouragement to me as well.  I did not stop crying at how beautiful it was.  What a miracle it all is.
After they cleaned him up and weighed him, they placed him back in my arms to start nursing.  He went right to nurse and pretty much hasn't parted since.
JB went to grab me some dinner since I hadn't eaten.  I was able to walk fine after 30 minutes.  Time just flew.  I could not sleep to save my life!  I could have put him in his bassinet, actually gotten some sleep and he would have been fine, likely not made a peep.  But I could not stop obsessing over him.  My doctor that delivered him stopped by before his morning C-sections and said "I'm so proud of you!  you did it".. he is so precious.
Before I knew it, it was 7 am and time to move us to the a different maternal ward.  My nurse put me in a wheel chair to move us and had us out by the nurses desk for a bit.  I was sobbing.  I just kept saying "I'm so happy!  I'm not sad, don't worry about me! I'm just so happy!!" All of the nurses were laughing at me at this point.  My pediatrician, who is tucks too, was there and he was giggling at me as well.  I bided my time staring and nursing until Tuck was to meet Wesley around 11.
JB went to get us some good coffee.  Wes and I facetimed Heather on her way to work and we both just boo-hoo'd over every inch of him.  Then my sister came up, my dad, shannie, stefanie, my in laws around this time too.  I just sat from 7-11 staring at Wesley and crying.  When you become a mom, you become the worlds biggest creep (:  and it's acceptable! Holy hormones!  But even now, the hormones are maybe a little less raging, I can still cry on a dime thinking about it all.  It is just such a miracle.  How many times am I gonna say that?  seriously it could get out of hand.  but it just is!
And then Tuck met Wesley and it was a whole other sobfest in the best way imaginable.  I can't believe I'll get to watch and guide these two boys with JB into adulthood.  It is way too much! I feel an enormous amount of gratitude that I get to be their mama, that I get to raise them with the best person I know, their father.  The rest of Wesley's birthday was spent with more visitors and JB and I just beamed the whole darn day.  It was honestly the best day of my life!  We got to take him home around noon the next day.
My in laws took Tuck to Busch Garden's on Saturday - rough life that kid has!  They dropped him off after and we popped a bottle of champagne with my in-law's to toast Wes.  {and to celebrate that I actually get to toast!} That night my parents brought us dinner and we all ate while my dad held Wesley, and made up a fib that he had already had dinner.  He hadn't, but just wanted to hold Wesley I found out later.  We are loving being a family of four (errr five, sorry lola!).  JB took off this whole week and I just couldn't be happier to get a whole week with all three of these guys!     

Saturday, April 11, 2015

When Tuck Met Wesley

{my pjs // tucks big brother scrubs monogrammed by tinebowtique

Yesterday was truly the best day of mine and JB's life.  Wesley was born at 1:10am on April 10th - a birth story I can't wait to write about.  I never thought I'd be one of those people who really loved birth (always thought of it as a means to a very happy end) but yesterday changed that for me.  It was so special to both JB and I.  After he was born I was soooo excited I could not sleep.  I did not stop with the chesire cat type of smile or crying the happiest tears. All of my nurses thought maybe I was in pain but I was just so happy.  Tuck came to visit around noon and met his baby brother.  I completely lost it, of course.  One of the best experiences of my life.  For their first meeting - my sister held Tuck and I held Wesley and we were both just so emotional over it all.  Tuck was so incredibly sweet with his "baybay".  I'm sure it'll be crazy for the next - oh ever, but I feel so honored I'll get to watch these two and witness their bond.  I could not be more thankful for these pictures that Shannon captured and that we will all treasure forever.  
Siblings are such a gift!  
ps:  will be back soon with wesley's birth story!