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    It’s JBs 35th birthday today!!  We had friends spend the night last night, and I cooked a big (bacon, eggs, hashbrown, biscuits) birthday breakfast for everyone.  We’ve actually celebrated his birthday twice already, since his parents are on a trip we celebrated back in January, then a big party at my parents last weekend.  So it kicked off his birthday month.  Which he hasn’t yet become a big fan of, but one day I’ll break him into it (:  Lucky for him it’s also President’s day!  So he has the day off and is golfing with my brother this morning.  And we’ll have one last birthday party at our house tonight.  This is probably my favorite post of his I wrote on one of his birthdays a couple years ago… I got a little teary eyed reading it again.  And love how much more we’ve packed into our lives, in just two more years.  He is theeeee best for me and my boys, and I am constantly thankful he’s who I married.

    annnnyway…. here’s some fun photos from around the house.  and a couple links I’ve been wanting to share!
    ginger jar fireplace

    I just love these ginger jars filled with flowers on the mantle.  I’m actually looking to put a chinoiserie garden stool inside the fireplace to tie it all in.  This safavieh one is only $74!

    I loved spring cleaning yesterday in preparation for our guests last night, and later in the week.  This bed frame is a little creaky but I just can’t quit it.  It’s been in my family for ever.

    I had fun with the little light box.  it makes a cute nightlight. and a warm welcome!

    I am loving the new knobs.  I used tassel ones on top I picked up from etsy.  I haven’t been able to finish the rest of them because the box from target came with the wrong knobs.  And my Target is out of them.  So I am going to try and order one more time, before I have a go-to-allll-the-targets-day and track more down.  Though that could be a really fun day (:

    I added this canvas Judy Ross storage bin for my fiddle leaf figs that Garnett Hill sent me.   I love the colors and the pretty pattern!

    … and favorite links.

    I resisted buying The Magnolia Story for whatever reason.  But finished my latest audible and bought The Magnolia Story on audible.  I LOVED IT.  Their story is so refreshing, and more than anything I think it’s a love story.  The way he supports her and the way they talk about one another was beautiful.  Their story is also incredible, of course, and how God is weaved through it all is truly amazing.  I highly recommend it in Audible because you get both of their voices.  Now I’m even a bigger fan of Fixer Upper and I thought it wasn’t possible.

    I shared this on my personal FB, but wanted to share it here too.  It’s about the decline of play in preschool.  While my kids do a lot of structured play, they’re also outside getting their hands dirty every day, using their imaginations and just being kids.  It is soooooo important in my opinion, and also this writers!

    I always love Amanda’s antique finds in Zagreb.  Definitely makes me miss those European markets.

    I loved this post by em for marvelous — how I am trying to love people well.  Picked up a few tips myself!

    We leave for Marrakech on Sunday.  I am excited, don’t get me wrong.  But it wasn’t my pick- definitely my adventurous husbands.  Though I really can’t wait for the shopping – all those textiles!  and this spa!!!

    Hope you all have a great week!!

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