Friday, March 6, 2015

links and random updates

I miss paris!  taken in 2011.  

I am loving this lip balm.  I always need color on my lips and moisture but I always feel like a clown during the day if I wear lipstick.  this is a soft color with tons of moisture (natural + inexpensive too).

I bought a tangle teaser for my toddler but who am I kidding?  I use it myself and I love it.

I preordered this devotional.  I've loved Shauna Niequist's other books and just reading the forward had me hooked.

Can't get this DIY leopard "wall paper" powder room out of my head.  We have two rooms left to paint (both small bathrooms) and I think this has got to go in one.

We are officially potty training around here.  It has gone pretty well so far mainly because I give him apple juice which is something he only gets for bearing target with me.  He sits there with his truck book and apple juice like an old man.  I let him be "nay nay" as he calls it and he runs around with lola outside from about 8-10 every morning, running in to sit on the potty occassionally.  Once he's done the deed I give him a ruby rocket pop or a cracker which he calls a cookie.  It would be so nice to have just one in diapers in a month!

This is an old post by glennon doyle melton but my favorite.  Such a good reminder about compassion - both in grade school and now.

This is another one by Glennon that I love about competition.

Spring training means my dad goes back to work.  I cried about it yesterday and he's only been gone since wednesday.  I'll miss watching him and tuck in the pool, on the riding lawn mower, with the power tools.  I'll selfishly miss him being mr. fix it around here.  or when my mama and I need a lunch out alone or shopping trip.  This off season was so much fun and I love watching their relationship.  Cutest ever.

I got a new car!  After 150k miles and thirteen years (!!) I feel so fancy to have things like blue tooth and navigation not on my phone.  JB is hoping this counts as a push present.  Which I don't think we actually do around here.  (:

If you have a size shoe 6.5 or a 9 get these so I can live vicariously through you.

I am making some fun easter cookies with this easy ready and roll this weekend with natural vegetable dye and will share on monday.  #dyesaregross

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  I'm trying to soak them up as our last few weekends as a family of three!! xx


Thursday, March 5, 2015

registry basics while expecting with baby list

When my girlfriends ask where they should register I've been pointing them to Baby List.  Because it's genuis!  You can get your things from etsy, nordstrom, monogrammed items from the beaufort bonnet company and bella bliss, amazon, ikea, .. literally anywhere.  You could add diaper or formula services to honest or a subscription to amazon mom for shower attendees to buy. You can also add action items for people to do like - walk the dog, bring dinner, take my starving nursing self lunch, one free take a shower while I watch the baby gift, etc.  Another thing  I love is the purchaser doesn't have to buy it from just that one store, baby list actually searches where on the internet it's cheapest.  They will also send you registry cards for the lovely people who are throwing your shower to pop in the invite.   It is so easy even your grandma who doesn't trust the internet can get on board.  They also send you discount codes a month before your due date to more than one store so you can pick up all the remaining items on your baby list!

photo by Jessica Lorren- who also has a great mama/baby blog - little baby sea 

Here are some of our favorite items.  Do you need it all?  Nope!  But these are some of my tried (or excessively researched) and true favorites.


A Video Monitor:  We are getting a new one since the one we had with Tuck was terrrrrrrible.  I plan on getting this levana one since I've heard good things about this company + it's not an arm and a leg.  Will probably get the monitor a couple months in as the likelihood of him actually sleeping in his crib for a while is slim to none with me as his mama.

HALO bassinet:   We had the rock n play (which I've heard is great for babies with reflux) with Tuck but I didn't love how I had to get up every time he fussed.  I plan on still using it just at my parents.  The HALO bassinet is pricey but one of those things since I found out I was pregnant I wanted to budget for.  It adjusts to the height of your bed, has a little night light, music, vibrations, and swivels up right next to you.  It's basically the safest kind of co-sleeping.

bamboo sheets:  I've mentioned a ton on here how I love rayon bamboo- it is just so soft!  Couldn't resist these sheets for Wesley.

crib protector sheet:  Bamboo once again and thus soooo soft.

Organic Mattress:  We bought this one for Tuck and now it'll be Wesley's.  No complaints!

a crib:  we completely lucked out and found a pottery barn wrought iron one on craigslist for super cheap ($150 including a changing table!).  But I do love the look of the jenny lind ones (what my mom had for us) and the price is great.

swaddles:  we really loved the swaddleme brand for tucks first month, and aden & anais for when he is bigger, and the sleepsacks for when he is even bigger.  I also found an opened box ergo baby swaddler on clearance at target that looks promising for middle of the night diaper changes.

noise maker:  We are big fans of the dohm!

a bouncer:  We have one my mama bought us that I plan to keep downstairs.  But we did buy the mamaroo as I've heard the best reviews about them.  Bouncers help so much when you need a shower or to cook dinner!


We use Honest Diapers and their healing balm for diapering.  We have their diaper rash cream and talc free baby powder on hand too.  Their wipes never last us because I use them for all sorts of things, so we buy a 5-pack of the 7th generation wipes - via amazon mom subscribe and save each month.  We throw them away in the diaper dekor - but as soon as Tuck started solids I just bought diaper sacks and those dirty diapers went out in the trash.  Oh and you'll definitely need a laundry basket!


We use honest and burts bees shampoo.  Since moving we only have one bath and it's deep so we won't be able to use the baby bath we had with Tuck.  I am looking at the 4moms one or the PUJ tub. Organic wash cloths - which are so soft!  I also can't help but buy this shark robe for gifts - they have it in pink too!  And this lobster one!!


Nursing:  Last time I was pumping a lot because of my work.  I used the medela pump in style  which is anything but in style (:.  Check with your insurance provider since now many of them cover it 100%.  Mine didn't when I was pregnant with Tuck but does now for Wesley.  A friend is borrowing the one I used for Tuck so I went through Edgepark.  Literally called on a monday, they got my information, and it was on my doorstep on a thursday.  Totally free with our insurance!

Nursing helpers:  When I was first learning to nurse the brest friend came in handy.  For nipple pain I have the honest nipple balm, and the medela tender care pads (which feel amazing if you pop them in the freezer).

Bottles:  I got the kiinde system this go around - it is supposed to elminate gas bubbles and waste.  But we still have avent ones and dr. brown's.  We liked both of these!

Formula:  I nursed Tuck until just shy of a year and hope to do at least the same for Wesley.  But I would supplement when I needed.  This time I'll be trying the honest organic formula.

high chair - we have the stokke which looks great in our dining room.  If we get another one though I may get a more traditional high chair like a boon.  Love that this one has an adjustable height.  Still I'll wait to see what Wes is like before making this purchase.


The fun part and probably the item you'll get the most of... whether you like it or not!  This post outlines my favorites.


Activity Mat:  This marine themed one is soooo cute!  Making tummy time more fun and less painful.
My favorite wooden toy brands are Hape and plan toys.  Ikea has great wooden toys and rattles too.

for stuffies you can't go wrong with jellycat or blabla dolls.

On the Go:

Diaper bag:  I'm sorta in this anti diaper bag phase.  Currently I just use a tory burch bucket bag with a ton of stuff in it - I'm like mary poppins.  I do have the honest zip pouch with all of my essentials  so if I do change bags I can pop it in there.  I may find that a diaper bag is a need with two and if so I think I'll get this skip hop one.  so cute, basic, and at a great price!

changing pad: I love the messy marvin one. it's a 3 in 1 - tripling as a changing pad, high chair pad, and a cart pad when you are at the grocery store.

car seat:  I can't really recommend our carseats and Tuck isn't the biggest fan of riding in the carseat although forward facing + convertable car seat helped a ton.  They are safe but I wish I would have invested a bit more with them.  I love this maxi cosi one my girlfriend has plus it has great reviews.

baby wearing:  I love the ergo organic carrie- tuck lived in from 3 months until one, solly baby wrap - for the first two months, and I'm also pretty curious about this lalabu carrier and nursing shirt.

travel crib:  the lotus travel crib comes highly recommended.  Both grandparents have a pack n play at their houses so we didn't see the need to buy one ourselves.  We did have this little travel crib which was great when we took Tuck to mexico around 2 months.  We plan on going to the bahamas for a week in the summer with both kids + grandparents - we will take it then again too.

stroller:  We have a bob jogging stroller - no complaints other than my son has never been a fan of being confined.  see:  hates car seat.   We also have the joovy caboose so tuck can either sit or stand, and wesley can ride.

To all of you soon mama's registering - congratulations!!  sooooo much joy ahead.   (:

This is a sponsored post but ever since I've heard of baby list I have been telling all my expecting girlfriends.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

something to know if you're in the thick of it

taken in bern, switzerland a few years ago
last friday I had to have a bunch of tests done at my cardiologists office.  It's just a routine appointment my OB orders just before having a baby.  I love seeing all of my doctors.  It is a happy time when I  see them.  They came to our wedding and even had their own table.  Doctors, nurses, hospital staff are really some angels walking among us, I am convinced.   I sat there in the waiting room for a good thirty minutes.  I remember sitting in that waiting room at 15 when they couldn't quite figure out what was wrong.  At 24, sick as a dog.  Then last friday, at 31, I thought how amazing it is that here I sit, seven years later, with the impossibly sweet boyfriend that didn't leave my hospital bedside - that turned into my husband, a toddler at my parents house, my precious toddler,  and a baby that never stops dancing in my belly.  I am so grateful I could cry.  In fact I did.  I sat there and wiped tears away.  It seems crazy, seven years have gone by and this scar still marks me.  but in no bad way.  quite the opposite.  it still reminds me everyday.  of how precious it all is, how quickly things can change, of all that I have- one big one I too often take for granted: health.  what do I ever have to complain about?  seriously.  Sometimes seemingly bad things happen in our life but they end up giving you so much.  faith, perspective, compassion; to name a few.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the nesting/spring cleaning monster among us ... me (:

*the light color is the refinished wood and the bottom is not*
Our hardwood floors in our kitchen were diiiiiisgusting.  About this same unfortunate orange color  that we have in our dining and living rooms but ten times more beat up.  The kitchen once housed a sweet old bulldog and a blue tick hound I wanted to write into the contract.  While super cute, they definitely gave the floor a ton of wear.  We will eventually get the orange taken care of in our other rooms but first things first were those kitchen floors!  Realtors have a way of seeing charm in everything and when we looked at our house she said "you got to love those old country floors"... and when you really want a house you find the grace in them too.  But now that they are refinished I am trying to take good care of them.  Especially now that I am most definitely in crazy nesting mode.  Everrrrything must be clean and every piece of laundry done.  at all times.  I joke.  kiiiinda.
 Enter the Bona hardwood floor cleaner and mop.
It's safe for my family; Non Toxic and GREENGUARD certified.  Which is a big deal to me!
It doesn't leave a residue behind and is super easy for 35 week pregnant me to just do a quick run through my kitchen at the end of the day.

A few easy habits I have to stay on top of everyday chores:
- I hardly ever use paper towels or paper products in general.  We use cloth napkins and dish towels for most everything. When people ask me where my paper towels are I'm always like ummmm i know we have them somewhere (they are always under the sink)!  but here's a dish towel.  I keep a little bucket in the cabinet above our washer and do a load for dish towels, cloth napkins, rags and now the mop part of the Bona hardwood floor cleaner.  The fact that the mop part is reusable is a huge plus to me.
-I do at least two loads of wash a day.  It makes life ten times easier and there's no crazy Sunday laundry party.  As fun as those are ... (;
- at the end of the night I like to make sure the kitchen sink and kitchen counters are clean.
Waking up to that starts my day off so much better.

Sign up for their mailing list to get $3 off a bona hardwoop mop and register for a chance to win some sweet prizes.  and/or take this quiz for a change to win Bona + a trip to Hawaii.

*Though this is a sponsored post by Bona, the guy that redid our floors actually recommended Bona for us to use on the newly refinished floors.  + it's non toxic.  I'm a fan (:*

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

favorite fifteen Easter dresses

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15

Easter is my favorite.  I love the colors, the baby animals, the blooms, and most of all the Hope that Easter offers us.  I've said how nesting has me a bit crazy around here.  I am already putting together Tucks Easter Basket.  Which is too much fun for me.  My momma still makes us easter baskets - except usually they have some grown up things - like a devotional and some wine (: .  I definitely want to carry the tradition and excitement of Easter on even though it is most definitely not about what you wear or what's in your basket.  But they are fun stuff!