Friday, March 27, 2015

This week has been a whirlwind, an awfully long one too.  I think I thought it was Friday every day of the week.  My papaw went to be with Jesus on Monday morning.  And I just got back home from Georgia.  Much to my surprise my doctor gave me the OK to travel up to go to the funeral.  Monday I was a complete wreck.  I cried buckets, and could barely get out of bed.  My mother in law scooped up Tuck, thankfully.  Every day has been easier but I still have my moments where I think of something he did or said and I can't stop tears.  It's good to get good and upset and feel it all.  I think that's probably the most healing thing to do right now.  Not try to stop tears.  My papaw was so special.  He could tell the best stories.  He lived a most adventurous life.  He had a thick Mississippi draw and his voice will always be my favorite.  I will miss hearing that voice, the gentleness his tone always carried, hearing him call me baby.  His laugh was the sweetest too.  He was just so loving.  here are so many things I got from him.  His love for art, beauty, photography, gardens, flowers, we share dark brown eyes and a love for knowledge and history.  He was a sharp dresser.  Even headed to bed - proper pajamas were always worn.  Matching top and bottom, button down, with a collar.  It was the cutest.  He knew that it's Grace that covers us and trusted in that.  I'm grateful I got so many years with him, so many precious memories that I will hold onto, cherish, forever.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

morning breakfast routine

Our morning routine is going to be thrown for a major loop here in the next couple weeks.  But this is how we do it these days.  I can't sleep past six lately, so I generally am up and making coffee and settling in for the day until tuck wakes up around 7:30.  I can't eat right away - I like to have a big glass of water and sip my coffee for a bit.  JB works out every morning but tuesday, so when he's back from the gym he makes us breakfast.  He cuts up asparagus, onion, zuchinni, and squash on Sunday's so they are ready to go for Omelets in the morning during the week.  We have our omelets and coffee until I hear "mom.  mama.  mooooommmmmmy" from upstairs.  He's just thirsty when he wakes up so I make him a smoothie  (with florida orange juice - always tropicana!) and let him run around like a wild man with Lola outside.  This also helps with the whole potty training that's happening these days.  I force him to sit down after an hour though for some random bits - though in the picture below he's just eating cheerios - I had already stuffed a sausage in his hand earlier ( we love the applegate brand.  perfect for tiny hands), a little bit of omelet and a pear.  He's always been a fan of the cheerio box and cheerios... the little stinker.
circa 2014.  age: 1.  
{big fan of kale, banana, mango, chia seeds, orange juice, and milk smoothies lately}

After he's officially been fed we take our shower and get ready for the day.  I've read that toddlers are like little cave men... they are constantly exploring and given to eating on the run.  That could not be more true for Tuck.  Though I try to have better sitting down habits for lunch, and especially dinner - I don't mind sliding a bit for breakfast as long as he eats!  I know many people don't eat breakfast - which is mind boggling because I have always.  Otherwise I am a bear!  I hope to instill Tuck a love and need for breakfast as I truly think it's the most important meal of the day.  

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PSA for the preggers: maternity jeans

Photo by Shannon Kirsten 

Wendy Bellisimo Maternity Jeans c/o Destination Maternity // tassel top // maternity tank underneath //  earrings c/o rocksbox - get your first month free with code sarahbff96 //  sandals // nail color - bubble bath opi }

I have lived in maternity jeans since very early on this pregnancy.  I was too cheap last time to invest in practically any maternity clothes that I ended up just wearing mumus most of the time.  But maternity jeans are sooooo comfy.  They have  legging like quality I wish I could make happen with regular jeans. Particularly, I am loving these maternity jeans.  Bonus that they are only $39 right now.   They make me feel a little less frump in all my thirty seven week big belly glory.  I may even have to try to figure out a way to wear them after the bump.  If I was earlier in my pregnancy I would be for sure scooping up the white version to wear all summer long.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The child must know he is a miracle...

Photo by Shannon Kirsten

The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.  -pablo casals

Sunday, March 22, 2015

pick the one that doesn't mind looking stupid for you, for your love, for your comfort.

Photo by Shannon Kirsten

The other day a memory flooded my mind while I was showering.  When I got sick (some seven years ago) I had to get a PIC line put in.  It's a central line so they wouldn't have to poke me every single day for month for infusions.  The person that put it in scared me half to death about getting it infected, so when I showered I'd have to saran wrap it.  And saran wrap it I did!  every day.  I was not getting any better at this time, I had had my open heart surgery, but what no one figured out was that I was just filling up with a ton of fluid making it difficult to breath, which made it difficult to do much of anything.  That of course made me super tired all the time. It was pretty pitiful.  Adding to this was the fact that I really need a shower at least every day due to the baby fine nature of my hair, while also battling greasy hair that would make me look like my cousin vinny.  But showering completely exhausted me after I saran wrapped the arm, I could barely lift the other arm up to wash my hair.  JB was training during this time, and would come over after his workouts around 2pm everyday.  I think about what I must have looked like every day and I can't believe he married me.  lol.  I must have had a bed ridden induced rats nest going on in my hair the size of texas that day and looked particularly pitifiul because when I complained about my hair, JB offered to wash, comb, and blow dry it for me.  I know it seems so silly and maybe a little insignificant- it's just hair afterall- but when I think of JB's infinite kindness, I often think of that time in my parents bathroom.  And so he pulled me up to my parents sink, gave me a great wash, combed out every dreadlock carefully and gently, and gave me the best blow out of my life.  Those are the moments where you know you'll marry someone -or you're truly crazy.  When you realize that's who you want by your side at 3am changing a rather ticked off newborns diaper.  Who you want to next to you when life hands you the best- or the worst.  If you're in the stage where you are choosing a husband - my advice is to pick the one that doesn't mind looking stupid for you, for your love, for your comfort.  You won't regret that choice.