Saturday, January 31, 2015

30 weeks and a preggas questionaire

{black dress  c/o calypso // old sole society bag - similar // old adam tucker sandals - similar // necklace forever 21, but not online - similar}

 How far along? 30 weeks!  
How big is baby?  My app says the size of a cucumber

Total weight gain/loss:  I think around 20 pounds, I try not to stress about it since my doctor never brings it up and Wes is growing well.  Though I think I may put on twenty more this trip (: #alwayseating

Maternity clothes? I have bought quite a bit of maternity clothes this time around, where as last time I hardly bought any.  They are just so much more comfortable!  I think good jeans with belly support is absolutely key.  I love H&M maternity, ASOS, j.crew, target and I have had some luck at motherhood maternity.  

Sleep:  I have had just a few nights of pregnancy insomnia but generally sleep like a baby.  I have crazzzzzy dreams.

Best moment this week: just hanging out on our little terrace with JB's hands on my belly feeling Wesley.

Movement: He's a very busy guy. Just like his brother was at this time.

Food cravings:  I love orange juice (total florida girl here) in general, but I HAVE to have some every day with this pregnancy.  When my tropicana is out JB is running to the store.

Food Aversions: none really

Gender: It's a boy!!

Labor Signs:  nope nope nope.  stay in there lil guy.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I am still nauseated on occassion and still throw up a few times a week.  But it is not so bad.  Sometimes Wes gets in a position that pushes on my back a bit and that hurts.  But it usually does not last long.

Belly Button in or out? out.  eek!

What I miss:  for sure a margarita.  especially since I'm in mexico!!

What I am looking forward to: finishing his nursery.

Upcoming appointments/events:  Now I have my appointments every two weeks.

Milestones: we've reached one of the big viability markers.  hooray!  

Can't wait to meet you, Wesley James!!!  Just ten weeks to go!!  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Resort Favorites 2015 : Blue

I have always been drawn to blues - boys with blue eyes, every shade of the ocean, the sky - the color is an instant calmer for me.  No surprise I have boys (:  

I bought this dress - seen wearing last night here - with a christmas gift card and for the specific purpose of being the dress I will wear for Wesley's Sip and See.  Which is a party thrown after the baby is born so everyone can meet him and sip on a little champagne.  The dress works with my bump but I think it'll look better on after Wes is born.  Precious friends have offered to throw showers for Wesley but I felt like I was being greedy to say yes.  I don't know if that's rude of me!  But we have everything a little baby boy could need from when Tuck was itty bitty.  But I definitely want to celebrate Wes.  So we plan on throwing a little kentucky derby themed Sip & See at our house about a month after he's born.  Which will have lotttts of blue and white, seersucker everywhere.  Our backyard is just now able to get grass put back in as we had to wait for this month for it to stick - it's been such a work in progress - I so hope to throw it out back if it's a lovely spring day. 
 Have you been to a sip and see? 
I am pinning my heart out and welcome any ideas!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bump Style in Punta Mita Mexico

{AG maternity stilt jeans - I found these (with a stain that came out on first try!) for $12!!  they are so comfy! // old calypso tunic - loving this one (give me all the pom poms) // old sole society bag - love this new one from jcrew//  these are really similar to my shoes which I found in store at nordstrom rack}

Hello from our baby moon!  We feel like we landed in paradise.  Currently my feet are up, sipping my cup of joe on a terrace overlooking the pacific.  With a big goofy grin on my face.  We've both been little weirdos about Bubba being back home- as to be expected - saying his little sayings to each other, going through pictures together.  But we are so grateful for the time just the two of us!  I haven't felt this relaxed in a lonnnnng time.  Feels good (:  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

what i wish i was wearing in punta mita this week

But I am pregnant, so I am mostly in mumu's (: 
Today we arrived in Punta Mita, Mexico (you can follow along on IG!)!  Baby mooning at it’s finest with my favorite travel best bud for life.  I’d be lying if I told you I felt totally at ease.  I think I will once I’m there and realize tucks world is still spinning even though I’m in another country.  I hope so anyway!  I know it’s good for us to get away, and this will be our last time just the two of us for a while.  BUT!  so many buts run through my mind.  That’s motherhood, right?  Tuck is splitting time between both grandparents for the next six days - probably having way more fun than bumming around with his pregnant “ma” (he hollers at me “ma” about thirty times a day now a’la wedding crashers) .  A trip to Busch Gardens is on the agenda, lots of pool time with bop bop, park time, and chuckie cheese for certain.  I overpacked him for both houses - as if we aren’t at both all the time anyway.  Trying to think of any and every scenario.  It gave me some peace of mind, I guess?!  My plans for the next week are to blob around and eat guacamole at every turn, and read- brought this one (so good… already started!), this, and I think I'll download Big Little Lies.  Last time we went away just the two of us like this I really tore through books and regretted not bringing more.  Is there anything better than swinging seaside on a hammock reading a good book with some coconut water?  I would say not a whole lot.    We plan to go in shore fishing together and on a whale watching tour.  I soo hope to see a whale in the flesh!  Mostly I just want to hang with JB, read books, eat, and lay in the sun.  AND try not to be a big freak about being away from my bubba!  (: 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Maple glazed brussel sprouts

I  love brussel sprouts!  They are definitely one of my favorite vegetables.  I usually just roast them with olive oil but to entice Tuck I coated them with a little bit of maple syrup.  Which did the trick!  He ate so many of these the other night.  
I adapted it from this recipe.

1 pound brussel sprouts - quartered
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of maple syrup - this vita cost brand is my favorite!
1/2 teaspoon of salt
pepper to taste

1.  Preheaat oven to 375F
2.  slice sprouts in quarters.  place in a large bowl.  add the rest of the ingredients and toss.  
3.  spread in an even layer cut side down on a baking sheet
4.  bake for 25 minutes, stirred halfway through

ps: love this graphic about all the minerals and vitamin benefits of maple syrup.  
If you have to sweeten something (; 

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