Thursday, April 24, 2014

let's chat vitamins

I always hesitate to talk about health stuff here!  Though somewhere collecting dust in my home is a masters i have on the subject.  So here is a post on what I take on the daily.   I used to take a lot more but it made it hard for me to be consistent - felt like quite the task to take it all.  It's not a long list, but I'm happy to say I consistently take it and I see a big improvement in my health and energy level.
-I still take the honest prenatal three times a day.  Before I was taking so many separate ones but this prenatal lowers it to just taking one.  I have never been able to take vitamins really well - always made my tummy sick.  But the whole food based honest ones have never made my tummy upset.  And even though I'm not pregnant, I do eventually plan to have more kids and love that I'm storing up all those good nutrients like folate and iron.  Also, I can even take this on an empty stomach and still feel great.
-I also take the honest DHA/Omega 3 - which is great even if you're not planning on kids, or nursing, or whatever.  It improves my memory and my mood.  I can 100% tell when I skip one.  Just once a day, in the morning.  And it's good for a whole host of disease preventions - cardiovascular, depression, cancer, alzheimer's.
-I don't know if I could say I have ever truly battled depression but being the sensitive type, the kind that takes on the weight of the world, well, it's a struggle for me sometimes.  I stopped nursing just two weeks shy to Tucks first birthday.  Which was a huge milestone for me as I honestly didn't think I'd make it past the first month!  But ending our nursing relationship made me so sad for whatever reason.  Maybe it's because nursing releases endorphins and oxytocin.  Whatever the reason was, it gave me a pretty bad case of the mulligrubs.  I remember googling - one year post partum depression.  Which I don't think is a thing.  My mom has used Sam-E (easily the least expensive + quality I've found it for through vita cost) for thirty years and suggested I do the same.  It's an all natural antidepressant that boosts seratonin production as well as helps with joint pain and promotes a healthy liver function.  It's good stuff.  Mulligrubs be gone!  I can really tell a big improvement in my mood and energy level.
- I have this bottle of b12 on my desk and take one when I sit down for work.  It tastes like candy - which can't be good, but somehow it is.  b12 is great for focus, energy and also helps when you lay your head down on the pillow.
-I don't take this everyday but just when it's needed.  If I'm anxious Theanine to the rescue!  Or some drops of holy basil in my water or under my tongue.

Would love to know what vitamins have worked for you?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

{Juliet made this print for a bride of mine - and I am in LOVE.  My mama is getting this, framed!}

My mother's birthday falls just before Mother's Day, sometimes right on Mother's day.  It actually works great as I always get great ideas for both days leading up to her birthday.  

She's also getting an adorable personalized card from Pinhole Press  and one of their brag books filled with pictures of her and Tuck!  I might have made one for myself too (; #idid 
This Mother's Day marks four years I've been using Pinhole Press for some component of Mother's Day.  I love their products and the cards!  what an inexpensive way to make something special for someone.  hint, hint, JB.  Oh and their personalized gift boxes they just introduced?  Talk about one stop shop!

$30 and under:

$75 and under: 

$250 and under:

Enjoy celebrating your mama or any woman who helped you to become the woman you are today!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sunday

{blowing kisses!}
{tuck is in Beaufort Bonnet Company // salt water sandals //  shirt }
{my dress is dolce vita but last season - love this eyelet one}

Easter Sunday, so so good. 
church, brunch, boat.
pretty much perfect in my opinion.
I remember spending one Easter in the hospital getting ready for heart surgery - and that memory brings me back to how far I've come.  Really how much God has worked in my life for me when I had no clue and was undeserving.  I am just so grateful for new life - in every sense.  
Hope you  had a lovely Sunday with the ones you hold dear!  
ps: this song on repeat:

Monday, April 21, 2014

my mama "beauty" routine

{calypso tunic c/o // tory burch pants - on sale! // j.crew hat // shoes are "jayden" via shoemint // lipstick color petal c/o anna beauty counter // nail polish is cocktail hour // earrings }
{tuck was about to go into the hot tub so he's wearing this}

The way I do my hair, make up, and how I dress myself each morning hasn't changed much since becoming a mom.  Which maybe means I'm lazy in this department.  Though I'd say from the early days of new motherhood, that yes, these days I am looking a little less disheveled.  But in general, I've been pretty low maintenance for a long while.  Heck I didn't even have a  hair dryer when we lived in Switzerland... because I guess I just wanted more room in my suitcase for ... I don't even know.  And honestly when I look back at pictures I question my decision to not either bring a hair dryer or you know buy one there as other countries do indeed sell hair dryers.  I digress, obviously and always.  Soooo blow drying my hair - has never been an everyday or even every week thing.   Unless I am going to something- date night or otherwise, my hair just doesn't get blown dry.  And when I do people always say "what's different?!"  or "your hair looks good" ... So you'd think that would encourage me.  But, nope.  Pony tails, hats, braids, just basically looking a little homely always get me by.  My make up routine takes under five minutes on a day to day basis.  Which is BB cream, concealer (my-always-ever-since-i-was-born-dark) under eyes, blush, eye liner on top lid, mascara, and some lip stick.   
Now back to the hair - I have been loving the beauty counter's shampoo and conditioner!  I normally have trouble with natural conditioner not really doing much when I go to comb my hair but after using their conditioner for over a month it's been so much easier. I just comb and let it dry while I run errands, etc. during the morning.  And it usually lands back in a pony tail because I just don't love hair on my neck!  I really wish I had the guts to chop all of my hair off.  Though I hear that's more time intensive, so maybe not.  More digressing!  And then lastly my clothes hasn't changed much - when I was nursing, a little of course.  And now that I'm not nursing it's just business as usual for clothes.  And lately this has been my mom uniform. Printed slacks or white jeans, tunics, and a hat.  And if we're heading to the beach - just the tunic, my suit, and a hat!  I've always loved items doing double duty in my wardrobe, so naturally I love tunics.  So there's a bit of a run down of my mama "beauty" routine.  Happy monday after Easter!!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beach Baby // Tuck at 15 months

{shorts shirt combo // baby new balances // rash guard old from gap - love this full body one from Tucker + Tate // saltwater sandals //  european swim trunks - petit bateau // baseball tee - no longer online but joe fresh // fishy striped trunks are from caroline }

So you know how I hemmed and hawed over how Tuck was going to travel to California.
Well, it didn't happen.
Two trips canceled this year.  2014 is not looking like the year to travel for the Tuckers.  
JB still has the blood clot and just two days before the trip the doctor called to tell him he was not cleared to fly.  It's complete first world problems but still stinks as we were looking forward to spending time with family.  On the bright side- my husband is a alive!!  and we've been able to get out to the beach a bit more and currently there is nothing I'd rather watch than Tuck run all over the beach.  It's like he has a job to do, people!  I really wish I could know what's going on inside that head of his.  
I haven't done one of these updates since 13 months but here's tuck at 15 months.
{it's really hard for me to realize I have a 15 month old!  and on and on forever will be amazed I have a ___.  I'm sure...}
Tuck at 15 months:
Really enjoys talking on the phone.  He will talk to my sister forever.  Apart from a big "heyyyyy" we're not sure what other words he is saying to her.  But he has a lot to say.
He says: Ball, BYEEEE, heyyy, hi, Ni (for nina), pop pop pop, bubbbbles, Lola, dada, NO!, mommm, and momma, dog dog, and a whole lot of things I have no clue how to translate. 
He is every bit an extrovert.  Fascinated by every human out there.  the more questionable, the better.  
really really into climbing and attempting his own stunts.
loves trucks, balls and hitting balls with whatever item resembles a stick
obsessed with an avocado tool he found in the kitchen- carries it from room to room. 
gives me majorly long kisses. 
really likes to blow kisses with a big mmmmmmmwahhhh at the end. 
getting much better in the car but still not his favorite place by any means.
Still thinks Lola is the most hilarious thing to cross the face of the earth.  
And that's the run down of Tuck at 15 months!  xoxo