boys at 5 and soon to be 3

    {pajamas are TBBC}

    A little check in, like I did when they first started school this year.  A new semester!

    {on a day when it was so cold they didn’t have to wear uniforms… so on went the too small overalls}

    John, newly 5, preschool.

    He goes by John Tucker at school.  I think I’ve mentioned this before.  It was never anything we implemented, but at three  ALL of the kids just called him John Tucker.  It stuck!  There wasn’t even another John in his class at that time… it’s just what the older kids called him.  I hear kids from other grades yelling ” Hi John Tucker!”.  I think it’s pretty cute that I have a double named boy.  When people ask him his name, he says John Tucker too.  He’s just as kind as can be.  Wants to be a farmer when he grows up.  Still wants to marry tristanlea.  Keeps her school picture under his pillow every night.  Still my cuddle bug.  Loves gymnastics with grandma.  He will start T ball again later this month.  He loves his golf lessons he gets on Saturdays with dad.  Is as extroverted as can be.  His idea of heaven is non stop people over all of the time.  This last week we tried out going for the full day.  Which is 8-3 instead of 8-12.  I expected it to be really hard, and for him to just melt down after school, but he just goes to bed a little earlier.  It seems to be good for him.  So I think we will continue it.  It’s a little hard on me picking him up at 3, feels like an end of an era.  I know that’s a little dramatic, but it does.  The positive is, he loves it, and wesley can have a nap without fear of me waking him up in the middle of it, or worse just having a cut short car nap.  Writing to say that we decided to do 3pm had me just in tears.  I wonder where my kid gets his emotional side?  lol.  Anyway, he is doing so well at school, and is so loved by teachers and peers.  He loves to play teacher with wes, and it cracks me up.  “Now we are going to chapel wesley and you are the line leader, you are going to perform and you’re mommy will be there!”  …. I bought him this melissa and doug teacher set and it’s been a hit!  … maybe not so much for wesley though, ha.  We are still considering redshirting.  His class is old in general… he should be middle of the pack with a january birthday but now there’s only one 4 year old left out of 30 kids.  Academically I know he would be fine moving up.  But there’s other factors, and what’s best for him as a whole person, and I am really trying to get as many perspectives as possible!  I so wish we had a high 5’s program here.  So that’s the update on that side of things, as a few people have been wondering.  Still undecided!  He loves school, wakes up excited to go, and I’m so grateful for that.  I am continually reminding myself that one of the biggest factors for how children turn out is how their home life is.  We can work ourselves to the bone taking them here and there, and putting them in THE BEST school, but at the end of the day – having a loving and encouraging environment at home will do more for them in the long run (in my humble opinion!).  ANYWAY… he is an amazing child, I am constantly amazed by his emotional intelligence and his incredibly thoughtful heart.

    Wesley, Two and a half, Mother’s day out.

    Wes loves school.  Once he is there, but it sometimes takes coaxing to get him there.  Because he really wants to be at Tucks school.  This fall they’ll both be there.  But his school has been wonderful, and the teachers are so sweet.  He is now potty trained, and I can’t say we did anything super special or different than tuck (here’s that post!).  For him, his motivation came with he couldn’t do his evaluation at Tucks school until he was potty trained.  I also told him over Christmas break that diapers were going bye bye, and santa brought him paw patrol big boys.  We worked on it, and he now goes no problem at school too.  He has had an accident a couple times with the sitter at our club, and I think he just doesn’t feel 100% comfortable asking her.  But other than that, no accidents!  He can say his ABC’s now, count to almost 20, and recognize a ton of letters and numbers.  We play i have, who has, with letters, with tuck but now Wes will join in.  I have to say that this age is my favorite with wes, but I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before.  He has such a great sense of humor.  It amazes me how well he understands humor.  He is chatting up a storm!  I love when he plays with his toys, gets lost in imagination and uses different voices for his different characters.  It kills me, how cute it is.  He is still obsessed with gymnastics and jumping off every surface in our house.  But he seems to have amazing judgement too, and knows his limits because he rarely ever gets hurt.  If Tuck is at school and it’s on a day he doesn’t go, he is always saying “I miss Tuck!”.  He’s also become quite the mamas boy, and I have to say I love it.  Soaking that all in!  We adore our baby!  even though if you call him a baby he will say “I’m NOT a BABY!!”.  oh well sorry sir!  (:



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