Monday, July 27, 2015

wannabe green thumb: our fiddle leaf fig trees

Most of the time when I post a photo of our home I usually get questions about our fiddle leaf fig trees.  Is it real?  yes.  
how do you keep them alive?  In short, I mostly ignore them.
But here's the long version ...
For the little one... that came from Ikea.  We were given this parrot flower over a year ago - it connects with an app on my phone that lets me know if it needs more sunlight, water, fertilizer.  My favorite feature is that a notification will pop up telling me my fiddle leaf is thirsty.  That little contraption definitely helped me with the smaller one we keep in our kitchen.  It's grown quite a bit.  You can see a picture of it in December in this post.  It kept wanting more sunlight but I didn't like to keep it there, as I moved Tucks table there.  But it's grown just fine without a ton of light. 
For the bigger two... 
In January my dad gave me two fiddle leaf figs he found at a private nursery near here.  They were $70 for two.
{If you are local, I can get you the contact if you email me}  
They've both grown about a foot since we've gotten them.  We don't have the parrot flower in either of these so I water them when the app tells us the little one needs water.   Which seems to be every 2 weeks or so.  Of course we live in Florida, and they are all on the side of the house that gets quite a bit of sunlight throughout the day, so as long as it's near a window they thrive.  I've experimented with both of them, moving them around the room.  If it's ever away from sunlight, forget it.  Leaves start browning within hours.  Once they find a spot they like I've discovered they really hate change.  
So from what I know - they love sunshine (but not direct), they don't need a ton of water, and they are pretty low maintenance.  
Do y'all have house plants?  What kind?  I need to add more in!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


As a first time mom I wondered all the time if I am doing it right.  I felt really insecure.  I still have moments that can sometimes turn into days where I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong. The human condition?  or just mine?  I don't know if it ever will be all gone, no matter how many children I have.  But it has lessened since Wes has come into my life.  It can feel like everyone knows something I don't at times.  But it helps to remember, that to some degree, we are all just winging it.  Doing the best we can.  So if it ever seems like I know what I'm talking about, please know it's just what has worked for us lately.  Tomorrow it could be another story and my kids can both throw one heck of a learning curve ball at any time.  I mostly just try to love them so much in hopes they will feel that for the rest of their lives.  Like my parents did.  The no matter what kind of love, the best kind.  Love that means discipline, cuddles, hard no's, yesses, kisses, and paying attention.  I ask often - WWND - (what would nan do- my mother) - try to use some common sense, and try to not obsess over my decisions, and try my damnedest to live in the moment with them.  I pray the same prayer every night before I go to bed.  I pray that I raise kind men that grow to love and find purpose in Him.  I pray He covers Grace all over my multitude of parenting mistakes made that day.  It is in those quiet moments I find the most clarity and confidence in motherhood.  I realize He gave me my most precious gifts, He thought I was up for the task of raising these two sweet boys.  Though I may be insecure about this, that, or the other in parenting; I know I'm His choice for these boys.   I find a lot of comfort in knowing that.  I hope you do too.  You are His choice for His child.  You are doing great.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life Lately

{pj's c/o jojomamanbebe // blanket is swell forever c/o}
{bunny mat c/o jojomamanbebe }
love their packaging
maternity AND nursing dress I'll be wearing a lot this fall/winter c/o jojo maman bebe

{super soft bunny mat c/o jojo maman bebe}
Lots of sweet moments in these sweet items from Jojo Maman Bebe.  They are a UK brand I've followed for a few years now; the quality is great and it comes perfect for gifting.  They are now launching a site for US customers!  To celebrate that they have a fun contest.  You can enter here - by making your wish list of five items, registering, and then weekly winners are posted.  I'm loooving this little wooden noah's ark!!  Good luck to all who enter (:

and some life lately + some links...

- we are having lots of guests over for dinner this week.  5/7 days!  two down already.  We had grouper (that JB caught-the best) tacos last night with all the fixings.  I think I could have that every night and not get bored.  JB made this amazing mango butter that I could eat all day everyday.  It's butter sauteed with garlic and onions and then you add in the mangos.  Butter is my love language.

-I discovered these packable pails and bought one up for Mexico.  normal ones take up so much room! when you get to the resort, sand toys are generally a fortune ... I've found out the hard way :/

-Bridget is packing up and moving to Italy for a few months (#lifegoals) and I loved her post on versatile pieces for a long trip.  This post would surely help be perfect if you are traveling or studying abroad.  I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this but we moved to Milan, Italy when I was 7 for a year.  Those are still some of my favorite family memories, that time taught us all so much, and gave us all insatiable wanderlust.

-I finally read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up during some downtime at Disney last week. Some of it is a bit wacky but overall it's a great read for people who are prone to clutter (me!).  I cleaned out my closet on Friday using her tips.  Basically if it doesn't bring you joy or fit properly, thank it and let it go to a new home.  Two huge bags later to salvation army, I feel so much lighter.  I also can see everything in my closet.  It's helped me realize I don't need new clothes ... well maybe some new shorts because I am SO hot.  Also giving away all the stuff I rarely wear, have stains, or don't fit has made getting dressed every day easier.

-I try to eat after every time I nurse so I can keep my energy up.  These whenever bars are my favorite.  As are these toasted coconut chips.  I eat them plain or throw in my yogurt.

-I am obsessed with our CB2 marble shelves - they are only $60, too!  I keep waiting for them to go on sale so I can scoop more up.

- I'm loving the new show - the astronaut wives club.  I could watch anything in that era, if only for the fashion.  I wish we all still dressed like that.

.... annnnd wesley is up from napping (Tuck is at grammas)!  Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Magic Kingdom with a Two year old

We had a week at disney!  It was so much fun watching him there.  Aside from the 24 hour bug where Tuck threw up on me, himself, and into my diaper bag.  I called a teledoctor two times, and brought him into a clinic.  Gosh that was a day...  But he was quickly back to his normal bouncing off the walls self.  It was hard to tell who had more fun - me or him.  We did Magic Kingdom twice and epcot just once.  Epcot is definitely more for adults but they do have a nemo ride that has an amazing aquarium afterwards.  We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort which has three different pools - each great for everyone but I think especially for little kids.  Lots of splash pads, little slides, big slides, lifeguards all over the place, and fun activities going on everyday.  It's a huge resort so if you're not into walking you'd probably like something else.   The bus rides to the parks were short and convenient.  Anytime I don't have to deal with parking is a good thing.   We took Tuck to his first movie in a theatre- Inside Out (which was really good) at the movie theatre in downtown disney.  The resort is just a quick boat ride away.

There are a lot of things for a two year old at Magic Kingdom.
Tucks favorites:
-the train.  of course.  all modes of transportation are big right now.  the bus ride over was also a hit.
-dumbo and the dumbo play area  (you can play while you wait - it's a great little spot.  and air conditioned)
-peter pans flight
-it's a small world
-the carousel
-the splash pad
-the enchanted tales with belle (my personal favorite but he enjoyed it too)
-monster inc laugh floor
-jungle cruise
-lunch at be our guest
-ariels grotto

I am not a disney expert by any stretch but these are some tips ...
-If you're going in one of the many hot months- dress accordingly and bring a fan.  We attached this stroller fan.  I also brought a water mist fan.  Which was great and kept tuck cool and entertained at times.
-We brought our joovy caboose stand on tandem stroller.  I mostly carried Tuck in the ergo when he was a kid so he never got very used to a stroller.  We bought this one when we went to Rome (just before he turned two).  We loved having it at Disney.  He rode in the front most of the time I think because there was so much to look at or he stood up and rode in the back.  You can rent a stroller there as well and that process looked very easy.
-Download My Disney Experience app- link your tickets, make restaurant reservations, and get your fast passes.
- We had extra fast passes because they messed up when we we were checking into the hotel on our magic bands (bands that act as your room key, ticket, credit card) so we never waited in lines while we were there between the extra ones and the 3 fast passes you get a day.  I could not imagine waiting in a line with a two year old for some of these wait times.  With a fast pass you still usually had to wait a few minutes but it was never too long, and generally in an air conditioned area.
- Go at your toddlers pace.  It's sooo like me to want to do it all and check it all off.  But I find we both have a better time if we just go at a slower pace.  I planned our day but when we needed to rearrange we just logged into our Disney experience app and changed our fast passes.
- they have a couple baby care centers.  Places you can go to nurse, pump, prepare baby food.  I went there to use my hand pump  (which sometimes works better than my electric!) and they had toys for tuck to play with.  They also have OTC meds, diapers, and extra baby items for purchase.
-I did not take Wesley to any parks as both my mom and I agreed it was just too hot for him.  She spent those mornings and early afternoons with Wesley.   I did buy this crazy looking shade for the baby carrier when I had initially thought I would take him. We did end up using it while we walked around the resort a bit and into downtown disney.  I think we will use it a lot in Mexico in a couple of weeks.
-Any stand or place that sells food will happily give you ice waters for free.
-pack snacks.  for your kiddo and yourself.
-wear sunscreen!!
-this is admittedly dorky but wear the same color shirts.  We didn't even plan on this the first day but I was dressing Tuck while JB was getting dressed and we both picked out a yellow shirt.  I could spot JB really quickly with that shirt as it's not the norm.
-plan for some days at your hotel.  The pools were almost as fun as the parks!
- I didn't pack my big camera because I wanted to be more in the moment.  Plus any pictures I did want the cast members will take, scan your magic band, and voila - you can see if you'd like to purchase later.

Ps:  I had to laugh because this is so true - "Vacation or Trip?"

Friday, July 10, 2015

what i wish i was wearing: all white

Whenever I have a little tan going on (which is most definitely not at the moment) i'm always reaching for white.  Even if it goes from clean to covered in stains in 2.2 seconds.  Sadly, I can't totally blame my kids on that one.  (: 
{one - top - skirt // two // three // four // five // six - top - skirt}
Hope you all have a great weekend!  We are headed to the happiest place on earth (: - Disney!
some other white hot faves: