Friday, December 19, 2014


have changed this mantle about 10 times since this!
grow fiddle fig, grow.  thankfully I have this little gizmo that helps me tend to its needs!   
we hosted thanksgiving!  and it was lovely!!  
our turkey (:  
our pretty florals from BLOOM2BLOOM :  you can send some to your loved ones 25% off with code: TUCK25 (:  They are so beautiful!  Come perfectly packaged.  AND they give back with every purchase.
he's been looooving this book!
donut date with my little love
december in florida

Lately I am loving....
big cups of tea.
tuck asking "what eeees dat?!"
getting spoiled completely rotten by JB
nights at my parents
kale salad.  holy moly.  this is my pregnancy craving!
this beanie - sooooo cozy
turning on the christmas tree lights the second I wake up
tuck giving me three million kisses.  complete with a smooth sound effect.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thirty One

{dress is via rent the runway - Rebecca Taylor's "meteor shower gown"  // jewels are via rocksbox }
turning 31 today!
thirty one!  that seems so much older than thirty.  i'm not just dipping my toes in my thirties, i have arrived (:

So how about thirty one things I've learned?

1.  I probably look better as a blonde than as a brunette.  right?  Future self, stop going brunette.  
I know you'll do it anyway... 
2.  growing old really is a privilege.  never have i ever felt this more since Tuck arrived in this world - to watch him (and soon Wes) grow, to maybe be a grandma one day - it is nothing but a blessing.
I'll take all the gray hairs and wrinkles they give me.  
3.  I married the best human being in the whole entire world.  hands down.  
4.  marriage isn't that much hard work.  but maybe i'm doing it wrong.  or maybe that comes later?  #famouslastwords
5.    always be the one that smiles instead of the one that side eye's.
6.  trials are really blessings in disguise.  i could have never said my surgeries were blessings when I was in pain, scared, and living in a hospital.  But it is/was.  
Helped me have some grit, and a whole lot of perspective.  which are priceless.  
7.  you can stop worrying now.  God is bigger than every worry on our minds.
still learning this.
8.  a good concealer is your BFF.  this is my favvvvorite in the history of concealers btw.
9.  best beauty product?  sleep and water.  at least i drink a lot of water these days (;
10.  there is really nothing better than watching your husband and your baby napping together.  
11.  The beach cures what ails you.
12.  even when life feels really rotten - it's not.  best to count your blessings.
13.  fam and friends are make life.  invest in them.
14. this quote is so true:  "you can be the ripest, juciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches"
15.  dogs simultaneously drive me crazy and make my life so much better.
16.  you'll get your masters and you'll start a business.  and then you'll be a stay at home mom.  and you'll be pretty pumped about that last part.
17.  your twenties are definitely not for playing it safe.  i probably shouldn't be saying this since my husband is in finance.  But I think it's fine to start investing late twenties/early thirties.
travel while you are footloose and fancy free.   save later (;

Looks like the rest of the post cut off and didn't save.  Boo!  will work on finishing.


Monday, December 15, 2014

preparing for a transatlantic flight with a two year old

We must be at least partially insane for taking our toddler to Rome.  But I also know that with two bubbas; that soon it'll be trickier heading to Europe.  Not knowing the next time we would go - we jumped at the opportunity to spend New Years in Rome.  I've read pretty much everything I can get my hands on to prepare but you can't prepare for everything.  I think the best thing I can pack with me is some perspective- we are traveling to Rome.  I am traveling with a beautiful kiddo and the sweetest husband.  I am lucky.  even if our flight is delayed, even if we miss a flight...  Whatever happens I need to roll with it, get over myself, and be happy I'm on an adventure with my boys.  Here are some little treats that I'm packing away to surprise him with during the flight- who knows maybe you're traveling with a little for the Holidays on a plane or car, and these might help you out.  I plan on reporting how all (or any) of these worked once we're back!

Travel Aquadoodle:  mess free doodling I'm told.  I really crack up when Tuck is on his etch a sketch because he is furiously writing and then furiously erasing, repeat.

Liquid bubbler:  I was told tuck was into this at church nursery the other day.  I can't blame them because I was obsessed at the dentist when  I was a kid.  Worth a shot (:

Magnetic Cars, planes, and automobiles + Tin:  When I asked my own mama what to bring along with me this was the first thing she said to get.  Helps tuck is completely in love with all things that go vroom at the moment.   Can't wait to introduce this to him!

Going on a plane sticker book:  I bought this in DC at the airport last weekend.  Tuck really loves stickers (give him one and he's your bff) and of course airplanes -- so it will keep him occupied for a bit.

 A day at the airport:  It's a Richard Scary book.  My mama reads him our old Richard Scary books so I thought this would be a perfect first Richard Scary book to add to his collection.  I really love all of Scary's books + the illustrations are the cutest.

Thomas the Train Spoon and Fork Set:  We are definitely at the age where a new utensil set excites. lol.

Kids Ear Phone Set:   For the ipad - if ever there was a time to bust this guy out, a transatlantic flight is it.  Our favorite apps are - Elmo's ABC's, Toca Train, Peakaboo Barn and Elmo Calls.  If you think there's a few tuck would love please let me know (:  Will also download a movie for the hard times.

Scootcase (shaped like a vespa!):  This was supposed to be a Christmas present but I wanted to know if it was worth bringing on the trip so he got it early.  AND hasn't stopped scooting around the house on it.  Success!  He also loves to open it up and stick random toys in it and close it.  A bonus is it has a clasp in it that he enjoys undoing and doing, over and over.  I think this is going to be awesome during our layovers.  JB or I can also attach a little pulley on it so he can scoot a little faster with our help.  Basically, it's a leash.  lol.

His own little camera:  Love how it has a projector and he can see his master pieces immediately.

Thieves Spray:  An essential oil based spray that fights germs.  Planning to use on our tray tables, room, etc.  No time to be sick when in Rome (:

Organic Lollipops:  These are my favorite.  But aside from being super yummy they are also great to help little ears adjust to the pressure in the cabin.

++ lots of snacks, extra clothes (for both of us) cuddles, diapers, wipes, and everything that is normally in my diaper bag.  {see below}

Would love to hear from mom's that have actually flown with a toddler!!
What am I missing?
*I'm so not qualified to write this post. lol*

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Friday, December 12, 2014

On adding a second // 21 weeks in Morgan James

{21 weeks in Morgan James in the Maxwell - get 30% off with code TAKE30 // photos by Shannon Kirsten}

For most of this pregnancy I haven't worried about adding in a second, I've just been really excited about meeting our Wesley James.  But lately I can't help but wonder how things will go.  When I think of Tuck feeling like second fiddle my heart aches.  At the same time I've always wanted to give my children siblings.  I feel like I'm over preparing in some ways - buying way too many books, talking about Wesley all the time with him, and I've even considered getting him a little boy doll.  We had a friend from Switzerland with her six month old last week and Tuck was so sweet with him.  Popping in his paci when it dropped, patting him when he cried (which was rare, he was a really good baby) and giving him smooches.  It warmed my heart all week.   So my fears aren't so much that there will be animosity but more how in the world do you add another?  and stay sane (: ?  All the mamas with multiples and fams of five are giggling at me.
But seriously!  How do we do our nighttime routine?  How is nap time going to go?  How is he going to feel? I know a big part will be just waiting to see what kind of baby Wesley James is.  Hopefully he's used to all the commotion around this house by the time he gets here.  
Someone who has added another sweet baby boy and handles it with such grace is my girlfriend Morgan.  Who designed this gorgeous, so soft, dress that I never want to take off.  You can peek on her beautiful life  {on her blog // shop morgan james (take 30% off for the next week with TAKE30// instagram }  
I know I'd love to know from the veteran mama's how adding in another changed the dynamics of your family?  Any advice?  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's under Tucks Tree : Gifts for a Two year old Boy