Monday, June 29, 2015

Beautiful Naples, Florida

This little trip to Naples started off sooo good but then I caught the stomach flu, and spent much of thursday thinking this was theeee end of the road for me (!!!).  I'm pretty dramatic.  I just wanted my mama and her chicken soup.  When we're sick we all turn into babies, huh?  errrr maybe that's just me.  The beast is still lingering but the fevers/full body aches/ chills went away after twenty four hours.  Since I wasn't feeling terrible the rest of the days it sort of tricked me into thinking I was just fine.  In comparison, you know.  But I wasn't really and am still no where close to 100%.  Anyway, sobfest over.  But!  all this to say that I planned on doing so much while in Naples, but due to the horrible awful mean bug I did very little.  It was one of JB's meetings for his work (you can see past ones: (here (amelia island) / here (st. pete)  / here (key largo)).  It was still a fun trip, even though I didn't get to participate in everything.  Two year old Tuck is in his prime at these things.  He makes fast friends and that pretty much includes any kid who looks his way.  He danced every night away, swam all day long, and is probably disappointed he's back home.  My Father in law is still in the business, so we are lucky to have (the best kind of) babysitters.  Since I was sick Tuck spent every night with grandma.  I was so grateful as I didn't want him to get sick!  Of course I was worried about Wesley too but they say the best thing you can do is nurse them through it and so far, so good.  Despite the bug getting me down a bit, we did have some really good times, so here's a big photo dump (: Not shown:  me in the fetal position looking like a major trainwreeeeeck!
We stayed at the Naples Grande Hotel.  It's a nice hotel but I have to say everything on site is crazy expensive.  I ordered a pot of coffee for one, thinking it couldn't be more than 5$...  and it was $19.  that physically hurt.
{lattice rashguard c/o // sunglass chain (20% off with code PROTECT20) // hat c/o // wesley's rashguard onesie c/o // hat is janie & jack // my necklace c/o jenny present

bonnet and swim trunks - the beaufort bonnet company
{coverup c/o cabana life (20% off with PROTECT20) // my necklace c/o jenny present // shark onesie is carters i bought in store- but can only find it in a preemie online}
{Lily-Jade was kind enough to send me this  diaper bag, and I have to say I am in love.  not just with the super soft leather, but all of the cleverly designed pockets, and the removable insert.}

{we had a western night for JB's work, which was a lot of fun.  Tuck had the best time ever and danced with every girl he could.  && in case you ever need a whole family western wear  (???) lol.  here are the deets! my shirt // my shorts // wesleys bib c/o grey + gingham // tucks shirt - boots are old from target and jeans are too // jbs shirt }
Still recovering over here and doing massssssive amounts of laundry.  
hope you enjoyed our little highlight reel from Naples!
 I wish I had more recs because there is soooo much to do and great places to eat there!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wesley James' Sip & See

{wesley's bonnet // wesley's bubble c/o}
{tucks jon jon }

{my dress}
{photos and calligraphy:  shannon kirsten - illustation and photography  // linens and rentals :  linens by the sea & us tent rental // crest logo created by paper please // seersucker runners:  linnea designs // sweets:  the short giraffe  // flowers picked up from kings wholesale and put in old milk glass // stirrers:  a fabulous fete // invitations: minted // gold foil napkins by oriental trading // custom shatterproof cups :  party innovations  }

Last Saturday we hosted Wesley's sip & see party.  If you aren't familiar - it's essentially a party where everyone drops by to meet and hold the new baby.  I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons... we already had everything we needed from when tuck was a baby, and tons of boy clothes of course.  So when people would offer a shower I felt sort of guilty to say yes.  When Tuck was born lots of people wanted to see him and it was overwhelming in the first few weeks, so I thought the idea of one big day where everyone could come together to meet him sounded nice.  I also wanted to wait until Wesley was 2 months old, and his immune system was a bit stronger.  And mostly I want Wesley to look back and see how much he was celebrated.  Since the baby was already born the party took a very casual feel to it - and really felt like such a celebration for him.  We had over sixty guests which was a great number.  There were no games, no opening of presents - just lots of good friends sipping and eating, and holding that sweet baby.  I've been pretty calm leading up to the party, save the last hour before guests arrived.  Who is ever calm in those last minutes?  I salute you.  We had the sandwiches made by Fresh Market (which were surprisingly good!) and desserts made by our friend Leigh from The Short Giraffe but the rest was homemade by wesley's grandma's.  My friends are all so incredibly talented and were SO helpful.   Shannon was a trooper at lettering whatever I asked, while Heather made the crest logo I had plastered everywhere I could.  Outside we had lots of high tops and low tops with chairs under the big mangolia and oak trees.  While the little ones bounced in a bounce house - a bit crazy to have one but the look on Tucks face when it arrived was  priceless.  
My favorite part of the day was just walking all over our house where every inch was covered with people we love, and that love our babies so well.  It was a very happy day!  

Monday, June 22, 2015

a breastfeeding story // second time around

{photo by jessica lorren}

Nursing the first time around hurt like hell.  After a long traumatizing birth, it was the last thing I wanted to work on right away.  I think it can be especially hard that first time around, even if you had no tongue or latch issues, because you are learning so much all at once!  You just gave birth ... you've never breastfed before... or if you are anything like I was- put a diaper on a baby before!  How are you supposed to not suffocate your child while feeding them all while your boobs are suddenly the size of watermelons?  It was a lot for me to take in the first time.  There were lots of tears and a lot of those were fueled by a combination of dropping hormones and utter exhaustion.   You can read more about it all here.  The good news is we eventually got the hang of it!  Tuck was breastfed just two weeks shy of a year.  If you would have asked me that first week if I would have made it to a month my answer would have been heyeelllllll NO.  But I set a lot of mini goals - sometimes those goals would look like -"let's just get through this feeding" and eventually we were talking in monthly terms.
I remember when we were traveling down to Mexico for our baby moon and JB asked me how long I'd want to nurse Wesley, and I got pretty defensive!  what if this that and the other.  But JB kept telling me to expect it all would be fine, and if not - we'd go from there.  But don't do any evil foreboding!  No worrying period, but especially no worrying about things that are beyond our control and what will likely not even exist!  Which I think is really good advice because with nursing or with whatever problem you are fearful about as you have a new one- you really can't stew over it.  When they are here, you face that problem (if it actually exists) head on.  God will give us all the grace to deal with xyz when we have to.  I totally digress!!  But please don't beat yourself up if nursing didn't go as planned.
This time around, I learned that like a lot of things with this birth, breastfeeding came easier to me.  It definitely wasn't pain free that first 10 or so days, but because I knew sort of what to expect, it wasn't quite so shocking to me.   So far Wesley has been exclusively breastfed and has really packed on the pounds.  My doctor (who I love but we disagree on a few things) advised us to supplement right away.  Wesley (like Tuck, and baby JB) had jaundice, and it can be dangerous if they don't get enough fluids.  But wesley was going to the bathroom constantly, so I knew he was.  My advice for moms is just to use your common sense and intuition in that sort of situation.  If he was not going through tons of diapers, then I would have given him formula with no guilt.  When we visited the doctor four days after his birth, he was past his birth weight.  Apparently a baby should be gaining around an ounce a day, and Wes has been gaining two ounces a day.  Our doctor has a few names for him - mr. no neck, mr. piggie, and sir chunks a lot.  I think part of the reason why my milk came in quicker and has been fairly steady since is that I pretty much haven't put the angel down.  I didn't have that luxury last time, so I feel extra grateful I can with Wesley.  I do have a toddler though, so he's mostly worn (when he was little i loved the lalabu, and now he's big enough for the ergo or solly wrap).  I admit that I've been such a hog about wesley.  I'm also a lot less stressed out since I'm not working - which means I eat more.  I'm the opposite of a stress eater, anxiety makes me lose my appetite- so I'm sure that didn't help my supply in the beginning with Tuck.
Things I did do that seem to have helped this time around:

  • I take the honest prenatal and lactation pills every morning.
  • love snacking on oatmama (that's my favorite!),
  • if I'm about to pump I drink earth mama milk maid tea a bit before hand
  • I nurse pretty much on demand which unless a baby has reflux, or another issue?  I think can only help supply.  
  • drink a tonnnn of water.  
  • I eat a lot of good food but if that's not around, watch out whatever is ... because I'm eating it.  Nursing hunger is like no other.
  • In the first ten days,  a set of these lived in my freezer, or on me whenever I wasn't feeding.  
I am here if anyone wants to chat about nursing, I'm so not an expert but I remember it being so nice to talk to someone who had been in my shoes.  

Lastly I want to say that whether you choose breastfeeding or formula feeding, I truly salute all mama's.  With parenting in general there are so many different ways to do things, so many different circumstances and obstacles with each child; whatever you choose regarding feeding you are still a great mama.  don't let anyone (or some silly voice inside your head) tell you otherwise. 
{photo by Jessica Lorren}

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sweet little Wesley at six weeks with Jessica Lorren

Sorry for the copious amounts of photos!!  I just couldn't love these any more.  Big thanks to Jess for capturing our family in this tender time, and major props as Tuck only sits still for a millisecond.  And I promise I'll be back to blogging soon ... after Wesley's sip&see, that's turned into a really really big party.
{my pre baby self wouldn't believe I'd ever share these.  but i love them too much!}
{ps:  was in a tank top outside the day before.  those tan lines.  face palm!}
{my dress // wesleys blanket c/o honeyami}

We are going to treasure these forever.