Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

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    Last night we were invited by Disney to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.    I had never been, and didn’t know too much of what to expect.  I know it’s early to get started in the spirit of things, but we could not pass up free tickets.  Plus, I’m kinda on the side of things that it’s never too early to get in that holiday spirit.   After a ton of trips to Disney, this was one of our most memorable.  Part of it is the ages of our kids (2 &4)… they LOVED staying up past their bedtime, riding rides in the dark (with literally no lines), all of the free treats, the snow down main street, and the parade.  JB kept saying “I didn’t even know this existed!” … he loved it, just as much as the kids.  Yesterday was grandparents day, and so we left a couple hours after Tuck and Wesleys school.  Traffic wasn’t fun getting up there at that time, but it took us less than an hour and a half to drive home last night.  We popped off for chick-fil-a before we arrived, as we wanted full bellies, because I knew my kids would just want to go go go once we got there.  Plus ALL of the free treats at every turn!  on the tram.  I’m pretty sure my kids could just ride the monorail and the tram all night, and be perfectly happy.  {tuck is wearing TBBC sweater // pants — wes has on Busy Bee’s shirt, with Busy Bee’s cords, (both c/o)  and a TBBC sweater — I saw a couple families dressed in christmas pajamas, and I think that’s a cute idea for kids}

    Maybe one day we’ll get a good castle fam pic (:  But I love this one anyway!!  {marley lilly sent me this herringbone vest, which I love!  and it’s on sale too right now.}

    A few things I learned (as a newbie myself):

    1.  Your ticket gets you in at 4pm.  We got there around 6pm, and there were no lines, but a pretty big mass exodus since they kick everyone without the separate ticket out by 7.  They route you to the right of Main Street, for your first treat.
    2. This time of year is a good time to visit crowd wise.
    3. Get your parade seats early.  I’d say the ideal spot is on main street.  We thought we had plenty of time to get seats, but we were wrong.  They keep you entertained before the parade comes by in case you are worried your kids will be bored, like I was.
    4. “Snow” on main street.  so so fun!
    5. It was luck, but the weather was so nice.  This time of year is generally pretty beautiful, not too hot, and not too cold.
    6. There are characters all over.  That’s where the lines were.  My kids didn’t really care about that, so we just did rides instead.  Lowest lines I’ve seen!
    7. We didn’t get to it, but the jungle cruise turns into the jingle cruise, and I’ve heard it’s really fun.
    8. I definitely suggest eating beforehand, as there are so many treats once you arrive.

    This is something we really enjoyed, and can see making it a tradition with our family.  If you are making a trip to Disney World, I definitely suggest forgoing a regular ticket, doing disney springs or something that morning, and then doing Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

    *thank you Disney for providing us with tickets!*

    What I wore, which was comfy :


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