Friday, January 23, 2015

new mama kit

Some of my girlfriends are getting ready to have their first little love  and ohhhhh how I wish I was just a quick car ride from all of them!  But for those of you that live near me, I definitely plan on spoiling them.  Here are some practical (a few fun) gift ideas for a new mama.

1:  These little cleansing cloths for baby are so great for when they'll have unexpected visitors. 
2.  Mom's Five second memory journal.  This $6 book will be so great for her to look back on + literally only takes a minute.
3.  Sofia Wine!  and yay!  she can drink wine again!  I love this wine and I'll admit, mostly due to the packaging  (though it is tasty!) and the fact I can pick it up at Target.  The pink is perfect for a new mama of a girl and the blue labeling is just right for a boy mama.  
4.  Slippers (only about $18 now.  My sister has these and they are so comfy!)  ++ anything cozy since she'll likely be housebound with babe for a good while.  These PJ's are my favorite!  knock off version from Target.  {I have both!  both are great for nursing!!}
5.  Chocolate covered espresso beans.  For a quick caffeine fix!  
6.  mini cliff bars, cut up fresh fruit, cut up carrots and celery with ranch, baby bell cheese - nursing hunger is intense.  Little snack kits would be so appreciated to a new mama!
7.  the honest hand sanitizer is still my fave.   do not pass go, no snuggling of baby until sanitized (:
8.  lip balm!  i remember my lips were soooo chapped from labor.  eos is my favvvve.  
9.  quick cleansing cloths for mama 
10.  dry shampoo!!  to make her feel a little human again!
11.  motherlove sitz concentrate.  enough said.  
12.  I haven't used aluminum containing deodorant for ten plus years due to many reasons.  I was so pumped to find out honest finally came out with a spray!!  Plus it works.  This has been the first time I've also successfully converted JB to a non-aluminum deodorant.  Plus with nursing, I would think it would be especially important time to switch over since their little heads will be right there.  
14.    these medela tender care pads were so helpful when I was first nursing tuck.  When I wasn't nursing, these were always on.  

Yayyyy!  Babies (:  

Other ideas:
Bring her a protein packed smoothie
Take out her trash
pick up her groceries for her
run a few errands

Would love to know what gifts/things you do for new mamas!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Five years is soo not a long time in marriage years but it is still something you’ll find me smiling about.  I thought about our anniversary all week long.  A little about the way I felt five years ago.  I thought about the days before the wedding; nerves were high but had nothing to do with who I was marrying and more to do with things that let's be real - did not matter one bit. But I! just! could! not believe I was getting married - to JB Tucker!!  I thought and still think I am thee luckiest.  And on the day we said I do I had never been so sure about any decision in my life.  I definitely stand by that decision as my best ever.  I'm also certain I got the better end of the deal (:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gluten Free Buckwheat Protein Pancakes

sorry for the terrible photos - I'm always up before the sun making these (:  

I looooove buckwheat pancakes.  It also derives from a seed so they are naturally gluten free too. Such an easy, yummy breakfast.  I make the whole box up and keep in the fridge.  I generally eat them for breakfast with fruit but have had them with lunch - a little ricotta, spinach, pine nuts - holy yum.   
This is how I make our morning buckwheat pancakes which I infuse with a little extra protein.  

4 eggs
2 cups of milk
4 tablespoons of liquid coconut oil
2 tablespoon of coconut manna
fruit - blueberries, raspberries, strawberries.

*sponsored in part with Vitacost, a company I love! get $10 off your first order- here*

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


aunt "moddy" and tuckie
honking his "bop bop"s nose.  
"all aGourd" as Tuck says!  
Two-Two!  Get it?  Like choo choo.  goodness, I am such a mom.
 When I ask him how old he is, he will say two, but hold up ten fingers.  We've had a two year old for almost a week now and I do declare it really is cute around here.  He is such a cheese.  Plus Allllll the feelings.  all of the time.   Maybe I will get my act together when he turns three and throw a big par-tay.  But for two, this felt right.  Tuck came into our room around 6am.  Those little pitter patters - that is my favorite sound in the whole world at the moment.  We sang him happy birthday, tickled, and snuggled.  Brought him down to some presents, breakfast with a candle which he made me re-light over and over so he could blow it out again, then popped over to the park and nina and bop bop's house.  We napped together and then it was family party time!  We were lucky enough to celebrate tuck turning two surrounded by both of our families.  He loved all of the presents, food, company, and of course, cake.  Happy birthday Tuck!  
You are the brightest, sweetest, cutest spot in our days.  

::PS:  in case you need presents for a two year old boy, these were tucks favorites from his birthday::

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rome with a Toddler

Since JB and I had been to Rome before and hit up most of the major sites on our last trip, and being that we were with our almost two year old son, we set our expectations pretty low.  We just wanted to show tuck a good time in Italy, eat as much Italian food as possible, and soak up Rome around the holidays.  To make things a little easier we hired a car to take us to the hotel through this company.  As soon as we came out of customs, the kind man was there taking our bags, and putting us in a van with a carseat.  If we were alone we would have taken the train but the train took us just to termini station, then we would have to either walk 15 minutes (with toddler and luggage) or hire a cab from there ... so, hired car it was.  We took it easy that first day and went to Villa Borghese gardens a bit, the grocery store, and out for dinner.  The next day we all slept until noon!  I haven't slept that long or hard since I was 21?!  When we woke up JB asked me to guess what time it was, and I said 9.  Nope, noon.  But that really helped us feel rested and in some weird way get on a schedule over there.  Tuck went down generally for a little later nap over there, and went to bed an hour or two later, but it worked for us.  JB and I switched off nap time.  I would go roaming roma, grab a tea, or shopping while JB stayed with him one day, and I would stay with him the next for JB to experience the city at a faster pace, sans toddler.  Everyday we would do something that we knew Tuck would really enjoy.  In case you are ever in Rome with a toddler, some of those things were:  
-Explora : an adorable childrens museum.  Tuck had so much fun here!
-Villa Borghese Gardens :  We were a really quick walk to this beautiful park; I think we went everyday!  We rode the little train one day (which was really nice to just see what all the park has to offer - it's huge and filled with so much).  Tuck rode a pony!  There's a little playground which he played at a few times.  There's also a little puppet theatre perfect for kiddos.  

-Pantheon:  such an easy quick stop that's pretty interesting to anyone, any age.

-the colosseum:  we didn't go inside since we figured it would be a lot of waiting, walking up stairs, and we had already done that before.  Still worth the stroll around during the day, and a picture (given a willing cab driver) at night. 

-piazza de popolo and piazza navona:  Both had fun street performers, and navona had their pretty Christmas market still up.  These places were also great for his favorite italian activity:  chasing pigeons.
watching some bubble street performers. 
-Toy stores:  since my fam lived in italy for a bit while I was a kid I have many memories of our european toys.  I am still obsessed with Carolle dolls, sevi for my brother (and now tuck) and trudi stuffies.  We went to a few toy stores but the best was citta del sol and picked up a few sevi busses and trucks.  
-Spanish Steps :  Such a great view.  Love the surrounding area and the walk to Piazza de Popolo
Something I wouldn't recommend doing with an almost two year old is The Sistine Chapel.  That was the one thing I hadn't seen but wanted to see.  Even though we purchased our tickets in advance - it still is insanely busy, even at this slow time for Rome. I sorta wish we would have hired a tour guide just so they could show us the short cuts to the Chapel.  But this is a lot for a toddler + the crowds,  
We did a lot of gelato eating, even in the cold!  Lots of just meandering in general.  We were planning on hiring a babysitter  through the hotel for New Years Eve BUT I chickened out.  Tuck has still only had our parents as baby sitters, my sister, and my best friend.  + one time with a neighbor girl while I was in the house.  Even though he'd likely sleep through the whole thing, I just kept picturing him waking up and some random being there.  couldn't do it.  Plus I am seven months pregnant, and pretty much done by midnight.  We had an amazing meal that night and all three passed out after with fuller than full bellies and hearts.
A few things I'm glad we brought with us:  Our new stroller.  Love that Tuck can ride or sit (and that it will hold two, pretty soon!).  Which was really nice in the airport, walking to grocery, park and to eat around our hotel.  
The messy marvin changing pad.  This was so great when we needed to change a diaper on the go.  I did not see one changing station in any bathroom in Italy.  
The SipSnap cups!  I know I posted about them before, but they are awesome.
Flights!  I know people are curious about how they go with a toddler, including me.  
Our flight over was so easy.  Kind of gave me a false sense of security.  He was passed out before the plane started and asleep the entire time until thirty minutes before we landed.  We also had a bassinet, so I could put him in there.  He had a seat to himself too - though he much preferred my lap.  I knew the way back would be crazy because it wasn't night time and asking Tuck (or any two year old) to chill out for ten hours is asking a lot.  A LOT.   But right off the bat we had a crazy change in plans that would have made even traveling without a toddler  a bit of a nail biter.  He did well considering and we walked the plane quite a bit.  We had an angel (valentina B from Alitalia we love you) that re-routed us so we wouldn't be stuck in Boston, but it put a lot of hours onto our trip.  Then once we landed in JFK, it was a insane, our new stroller was (and is still) lost, + more delays + more sitting on the tarmac for another hour once we were on the plane to tampa.  Thankfully by that time Tuck had been fast asleep for a few hours.  It happens.  
Things that helped:  His headphones, ipad with movies and apps, snacks upon snacks+ treats, lolly pops, sticker books, and his magnetic toy.

We are so glad he came with us.  Even though times were crazy, they are at home too, it was special to have this little babymoon for Tuck.  I hope we always do some little one on one trips like these with our boys.

ciao bellas.