Thursday, October 23, 2014

operation: lighten up living room

Back in September we went couch shopping.  I love our slipcovered ektorp ikea couches but we've decided to put one in our playroom and the other in tucks room.  JB is stuck on leather, and I totally get it especially for a house full of boys and one little black haired puppy.    It's just soo masculine that I struggle with how to lighten things up even though the room is my favorite, just flooded with natural light.  We looked at quite a few couches- started at JCpenney's as i was super curious about this one (it was half off at the time).  We probably would have been fine with that if we had nothing else to compare to!  But the sheen and the hardness was a bit of a bummer.  Then we checked out pottery barn's turner and west elm's hamilton.  Buttttt then we walked into Restoration Hardware and literally sannnnnnk into the heaven that is the maxwell.  They happened to be having their annual sale so we ended up getting a love seat and a sofa.  The great thing is you can pick the leather- I wanted something with less sheen and really loved the color and patina of antiqued whiskey (seen above).  The bummer is it takes 60 days to make - so we're still washing the ektorp often every time company comes, which actually is often lately (hooray!).

I've been slowly adding to the room even though the couches haven't made their way home yet.  I love our Ottoman.  Safavieh and amazon shipping for the win!  Love these Floor lamps from Target and this Natural fretwork rug that I had to put a little cushion/pad underneath for comfort, but otherwise it's great.  Still looking at this Foyer table to go behind the couch.  Would love the Fireplace screen but dang I don't know I could spend that kinda cash on it.  Any cheaper just as cute options?  Also is it okay feng shui to put the TV above the fireplace?  These Belly baskets have been my favorite for forever and I know they'd be super helpful for holding all of the random items around here - mostly toy trains as of late.

As for something on the walls/decor on the tables.
I'm in love with coral - all kinds.  Would love to frame some natural sea fans.  I have an old printer tray (similar to this) that I've displayed our favorite shells/coral/urchins/starfish from all over.  Plan to hang that on the wall.  I also loooove these print series on etsy - $2.50, too!!  I bought the prettiest old gold frames at a thrift the other day, so thinking I'll get these to go in it.  Can't stay away from coastal much around here.  Of course a little green always helps - like these olive tree's (fake//real)

Still in search of:  comfy blankets that are still cute, one side table, a couple throw pillows that work with a leather couch!  If you know of any - I'd love to hear.

Check back in ten years and maybe this room will be done (;

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 favorite gender neutral baby gifts

So many of my girlfriends are becoming new mama's and I am soo excited!  Most of them aren't finding out the gender- which I think is so amazing.  Of course I'm not nearly as cool and just have to know. But even if they are finding out the gender I usually can't resist buying a little something before they find out.  I'm the same way with girlfriends who get engaged - I just can't resist some small token of letting them know how pumped I am (:  Here are all gifts I've given recently that are all gender neutral so you can give before they find out, or if they're not finding out.  also ps: I think the people that aren't finding out are super smart because I also can't resist getting something monogrammed (here) when I know their name.  So they get likely two gifts from us.   Can't help it!  It's like a disease.  a good disease?  depends on if you are JB or the recipient.  I joke - because he's even more into gift giving than I am.  Anyway!  Here are my gender neutral baby picks!

1.  Kickee Pants:  Hands down the softest onesies out there.   As a first time mom before Tuck arrived I didn't get that I wouldn't want to be dressing my child up like a doll all the time.  Thus I bought a ton of unpractical cute things for him to wear.  Wesley James will wear soft, cozy, and easy to get on/off footies for his first month.  
2.  Lambie Wubbanub:  Tuck took a pacifier for all of two weeks but I feel like every other baby I know loved theirs and had this cute little accessory for it.  Makes it easy to find when it's been dropped.  
3.  Pat the bunny:  only the best baby book ever written.  (; It was my favorite and now it's Tuckies favorite.  I am obsessed when he sniffs the flowers- the face he makes kills me!, looks in the mirror and kisses himself, and waves bye bye to paul and judy at the end.  
4.  3 in 1 changing pad by Messy Marvin:  I still use this!  This pillow topped changing pad is also a highchair cover and grocery cart cover.  It wipes clean which is a major plus.  
5.  Sophie the giraffe:  I don't quite get why but I'm pretty sure every baby loves Sophie.  
6.  Aden and Anais Rayon Bamboo Swaddling blankets:  Not all swaddling blankets are created equal.  Rayon bamboo is the coziest.
7.  Honest Belly Balm  (to prevent stretch marks) and the little baby arrival kit from Honest.  
8.  Woombie Swaddle:  These weren't out when Tuck was itty bitty but they have great reviews and i love the stripes.
9.  Jellycat lambie plus book:  These books are the best and jellycat makes the softest stuffies.
10.  Baby Book:  This one is so sweet.  Had to pick this up for my girlfriend.
Do y'all have any go-to's for newly pregnant mama's?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tuckers in San Francisco

Lombard Street
i realllllly wanted to take one of these friends home.
sticking that baby/food baby out.  
 The Fairmont
SF!  You dreamboat!
We were there for just a (too) quick weekend to meet one of JB's clients.  We didn't do much but walk around and eat.  My kinda way to take in any place.  
Thanks to all of your suggestions on instagram we ate like kings.  and the service was incredible!
For breakfast:  Tartine and Mama's
For afternoon tea:  The Fairmont
For lunch:  Kokkari, Tacoliscious
For Dinner:  Papito's, Pizzaria Delfina

All were amazing but I have to say I'm still drooling over our meals at Tartine, Kokkari, and pizzeria  Delfina.  

We stayed at the Spencer House down on Haight Street.  LOVED it.  it was like sleeping in a museum, but a really comfy one.  every single thing was victorian.  Felt like we had stepped back in time.  The innkeepers are super lovely too.  {you can get $25 through this link-I'll get $25 too- if you've never used airbnb before}

  It was our first time using Uber (link will give you $30 toward first ride & I'll get credit too!) and we are OBSESSED.  I know we're basically the last people to get on board with this but holy smokes- it's so awesome.  Cheaper than a cab,  they know right where you are, you know how long they'll be to come get you.  I am a fan for life.  Loving how many cities they add every day too - though I'm thinking little ole palmetto may be the last on the list.  

We loved walking around Hayes Street, Filmore Street, and the saturday farmers market down by the piers.  

I think Filmore Street was my faaaavorite.  I spotted Mudpie-SF on Filmore, and I spent way too long in there.  It's the cutest most beautifully curated kids shop.  I bought Tucks first big brother book - the first rule of little brothers.  Which had my eyes running like sprinklers in the store.  I spotted this adorable nail salon  and made a bee line, while jb watched football + drank some beer across the street.  It was a great albeit short little getaway.  Can't wait to get back to you, San Francisco.  


Friday, October 10, 2014

8 weeks with Wesley James

{dress // shoes are old but anthro // super inexpensive sunglasses}

This was a trip JB and I took with some friends when I was around 8 weeks with Wesley James.  JB has been jonesing to go scalloping in Crystal River every year we've been married and the stars finally aligned and we went!  It's such a neat area  that is just north of us and it feels like you are stepping back in time.   We stayed at the plantation, had tons of yummy fresh seafood, boated around looking for manatees and of course,  scalloped!

Since I've been MIA for so long I thought I'd fill you in on what else is going on around here:

-Tuck says "good girl" to Lola and pats her back now.  It makes me sooooo happy.
-We booked New Years in Rome!  With Tuck!  We are crazy.  But know I got to get my euro traveling out as it'll be reallllly tough with two little ones.
-Tuck is in his first wedding next weekend!  Going to be such a cute little ringbearer.  Wondering how he'll make it down the aisle.
-I've been so sick.  i'm sure it's no different than it was with Tuck but having to run after a toddler all day has made it feel worse.  Tuck sometimes pats my back when I'm tossing cookies.
-JB has been a super hero.  per usual.  making us food, taking care of cleaning, and just being so excited for another boy to join the mix.
- Tuck started soccer class.  Love being a soccer mom and watching him run around for an hour.  It's pretty hysterical.
-JB and I are going on a babymoon in January to Punta Mita!!  Can't wait for that.  Virgin Margarita for me please.  so basically, sugar and lime.  (:
-We bought couches finally!  Used this (hilarious but true) guide.

And that's some cliff notes of the last month and a half!  Thanks for hanging in there.  xx,s

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wesley James

Sorry for the radio silence!  Hopefully this is a good enough excuse slip (:  
Wesley James, we love you so so much already!!!!
could not be more grateful.

ps: will be back to normal blogging now that I feel somewhat human again!