Friday, October 31, 2014

Tuck: King of All the Wild Things

Tucks favorite book at the moment is Where the Wild Things Are which was his dads favorite too!  JB is so great at reading it - he really gets into the voices - and the book (and JB's sound effects) taught Tuck how to roar.  Ever since he's made this rawring discovery he has gotten the biggest kick out of rawring at every person and if they act scared?  He can't catch his breath from laughing so hard.  It's the best.  
When his costume came in we just had to take it on a few pre-halloween scare trips - to aunt molly's office, to my parents, and then to go see daddy at work.  He loved it.  These pictures are of him rawring at Lola.  Right after this wild rumpus with Lola he walked up to a couple on their morning walk, rawred at them, laughed, then felt bad and brought them a little pumpkin.  
Kids are the bessssst!   
Happy Halloween!!! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

tips for surviving the first trimester

I'm one of thoooose people diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum.  It's a pain in the neck that lands me at times marching in to get IV fluids.  They wanted me to get a pump put in but honestly that much zofran would have done me in.  I can take a little but if I build up too much I feel even worse than nauseated.  I'm definitely not telling you this to be all pooooor sarah!  I expected this, and I would get sick a bunch more times like this if it results in a sweet baby.  While none of these items totally take it away and while I'm still using these into my second trimester, they do take the edge off.  
Here are my tips:  
1.  Eat all the time.  I am a notorious snacker.  But I have had to stay on top of it since I don't always feel like it.  Even after I throw up, I try to eat within 15 minutes.  Love snacking on nuts (pistachios are my fave) and fresh citrus has been so soothing.  
2.  Some swear by preggie pops so I tried them, but couldn't get out of my head I was paying 10x more for what tasted just like a jolly rancher.  So a one time purchase it was.  
3. This ginger/peppermint based tea my girlfriend gave me helps me out in the mornings.
4.  Peppermint water!  I have loved this water during the first trimester.  I know, it's a fortune.  For water!  But my nausea knows no monetary bounds.
5.  Stay hydrated!  I've had to go in to get fluids on occasion, which happened last pregnancy so it's really not a shocker. But sipping regularly is extra important.  Normally I prefer sparkling water.  But with this pregnancy I have just wanted ice water, all day.  With some fresh lemon or limes squeezed in.  I basically never leave home without this klean kanteen which keeps it ice cold (I have the 27 ounce).
6.   I've written about these magic bump nest pillows before.  I'm not very big yet (though i have maaaajor big bump envy at the moment) but I still like to be enveloped by my soft pregnancy pillow.  I've loved having it pre-pregnancy too as when pregnant friends would visit or single girlfriends (; they'd get the bumpnest in their bed.  I love that it can be washed in a jiff.
7.  Sprout:  I like this app for tracking WJT's growth. So it doesn't help with nausea but it does help me keep the (really happy) end in mind (:
8.  Honest just came out with a one a day prenatal and HALLELUJAH.  seriously three a day was not helping my queasiness one bit. 
9.  This aromatherapy spray:  just the right amount of refreshing for me.  My friend Ashley sent me a few essential oils to try which I'm really excited to share about soon!  Trying to give them a couple weeks to test out.  
10.  sea bands!  so these didn't work for me but I know people swear by them.  I still wear them a lot just in case they do a little something - really cute fashion accessory (; 

Anything you swear by that helps?  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

early retirement

The sweet bride in this photo told me -- thanks for being the best example as a mother and as a wife.  Marriage and motherhood mean a ton to me, and that is the highest compliment.  I felt like I could retire then (; -- accomplishing more than just pretty flowers and beautiful tablescapes.

This weekend marks the last wedding I'll do for a few years.  It is bittersweet to say goodbye to a business I started with incredible support from my husband, family, friends, and let's be honest here - y'all.    My business has given me a lot  - I feel like I've found my creative footing, clients have turned into friends, and being there as clients embark on holy matrimony truly blessed me.  A few people I have told are a bit confused, and I get it.  To build something to a good point (I had three inquiries just yesterday!  do you know what I would have done for that three years ago?  A LOT.) and then to walk away is confusing.  For me too.  I've thought about business partners, hiring someone full time, but it all came down to the fact that what I ached for more than anything was to simply (it's never simply or just but words fail me as usual) be a mom and wife.  There are people who completely kick tushies at balancing it all.  So many of y'all, with or without kids, pop into my mind right now.  But let's get real - I am not among them and I am okay with that.  Maybe it has something to do with having my second child, but with tuck I so very felt I had something to prove.  I don't anymore.  I've spent time wishing I was more ambitious about it all but ... well... that's just not me at this point.  Who knows what I'll do when the boys get to elementary school.  But as JB says "I'm so not worried about you finding something to do then" ... maybe I'll even use my dust collecting degrees or who knows what dream God will plant in my heart.  All I know right now is this is what is best for our family.  I am grateful to have this option and a husband who would support me either way.  I'm so pumped for this weekend, it really is going to be a beautiful, meaningful wedding.  I'm also pumped for Sunday, when I officially begin my stay at homa mama job!  Thank you for all the support, kindness, and encouragement you have shown me.  Annnnd thanks for letting me ramble on today. (:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

operation: lighten up living room

Back in September we went couch shopping.  I love our slipcovered ektorp ikea couches but we've decided to put one in our playroom and the other in tucks room.  JB is stuck on leather, and I totally get it especially for a house full of boys and one little black haired puppy.    It's just soo masculine that I struggle with how to lighten things up even though the room is my favorite, just flooded with natural light.  We looked at quite a few couches- started at JCpenney's as i was super curious about this one (it was half off at the time).  We probably would have been fine with that if we had nothing else to compare to!  But the sheen and the hardness was a bit of a bummer.  Then we checked out pottery barn's turner and west elm's hamilton.  Buttttt then we walked into Restoration Hardware and literally sannnnnnk into the heaven that is the maxwell.  They happened to be having their annual sale so we ended up getting a love seat and a sofa.  The great thing is you can pick the leather- I wanted something with less sheen and really loved the color and patina of antiqued whiskey (seen above).  The bummer is it takes 60 days to make - so we're still washing the ektorp often every time company comes, which actually is often lately (hooray!).

I've been slowly adding to the room even though the couches haven't made their way home yet.  I love our Ottoman.  Safavieh and amazon shipping for the win!  Love these Floor lamps from Target and this Natural fretwork rug that I had to put a little cushion/pad underneath for comfort, but otherwise it's great.  Still looking at this Foyer table to go behind the couch.  Would love the Fireplace screen but dang I don't know I could spend that kinda cash on it.  Any cheaper just as cute options?  Also is it okay feng shui to put the TV above the fireplace?  These Belly baskets have been my favorite for forever and I know they'd be super helpful for holding all of the random items around here - mostly toy trains as of late.

As for something on the walls/decor on the tables.
I'm in love with coral - all kinds.  Would love to frame some natural sea fans.  I have an old printer tray (similar to this) that I've displayed our favorite shells/coral/urchins/starfish from all over.  Plan to hang that on the wall.  I also loooove these print series on etsy - $2.50, too!!  I bought the prettiest old gold frames at a thrift the other day, so thinking I'll get these to go in it.  Can't stay away from coastal much around here.  Of course a little green always helps - like these olive tree's (fake//real)

Still in search of:  comfy blankets that are still cute, one side table, a couple throw pillows that work with a leather couch!  If you know of any - I'd love to hear.

Check back in ten years and maybe this room will be done (;

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 favorite gender neutral baby gifts

So many of my girlfriends are becoming new mama's and I am soo excited!  Most of them aren't finding out the gender- which I think is so amazing.  Of course I'm not nearly as cool and just have to know. But even if they are finding out the gender I usually can't resist buying a little something before they find out.  I'm the same way with girlfriends who get engaged - I just can't resist some small token of letting them know how pumped I am (:  Here are all gifts I've given recently that are all gender neutral so you can give before they find out, or if they're not finding out.  also ps: I think the people that aren't finding out are super smart because I also can't resist getting something monogrammed (here) when I know their name.  So they get likely two gifts from us.   Can't help it!  It's like a disease.  a good disease?  depends on if you are JB or the recipient.  I joke - because he's even more into gift giving than I am.  Anyway!  Here are my gender neutral baby picks!

1.  Kickee Pants:  Hands down the softest onesies out there.   As a first time mom before Tuck arrived I didn't get that I wouldn't want to be dressing my child up like a doll all the time.  Thus I bought a ton of unpractical cute things for him to wear.  Wesley James will wear soft, cozy, and easy to get on/off footies for his first month.  
2.  Lambie Wubbanub:  Tuck took a pacifier for all of two weeks but I feel like every other baby I know loved theirs and had this cute little accessory for it.  Makes it easy to find when it's been dropped.  
3.  Pat the bunny:  only the best baby book ever written.  (; It was my favorite and now it's Tuckies favorite.  I am obsessed when he sniffs the flowers- the face he makes kills me!, looks in the mirror and kisses himself, and waves bye bye to paul and judy at the end.  
4.  3 in 1 changing pad by Messy Marvin:  I still use this!  This pillow topped changing pad is also a highchair cover and grocery cart cover.  It wipes clean which is a major plus.  
5.  Sophie the giraffe:  I don't quite get why but I'm pretty sure every baby loves Sophie.  
6.  Aden and Anais Rayon Bamboo Swaddling blankets:  Not all swaddling blankets are created equal.  Rayon bamboo is the coziest.
7.  Honest Belly Balm  (to prevent stretch marks) and the little baby arrival kit from Honest.  
8.  Woombie Swaddle:  These weren't out when Tuck was itty bitty but they have great reviews and i love the stripes.
9.  Jellycat lambie plus book:  These books are the best and jellycat makes the softest stuffies.
10.  Baby Book:  This one is so sweet.  Had to pick this up for my girlfriend.
Do y'all have any go-to's for newly pregnant mama's?