Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Honest Review +Alternatives

I've tried the majority of Honest Products.  Some I love love love and some I'm so-so, at best, about.  So here's my review of all of the ones I've tried + alternatives that I've liked better in a few cases.

Diapers:  I've only used Honest save one time when my dad bought a pack of pampers when he was watching him.  He did get his first rash on his booty after that, could be coincidental but it made me a believer in Honest diapers.  Though they are absorbent - we did have some blow outs (gross!) in the earlier days, and leaks still happen if he has too much liquid at night.  But this is what sells me: they don't have harsh chemicals/materials in them, they come to my door every month like clockwork, they give back with each product sold, and they have the cutest patterns.  I think that last reason makes me shallow.

Wipes:  They are OK.  I use them because they come free- but we need way more than four packs in a month around here.  I always buy a 3-pack of the Seventh Generation ones at target.

Breath Easy Rub:  Love it.  Perfect for a congested Tuck.

Healing Balm:  Tuck hasn't had many diaper rashes so I can't speak on how well this works for that, as I usually just put coconut oil on his bum,  but he has had some allergic reactions that this has seemed to help clear up.  I've also used it when I need a lot of moisture in my skin at night!

Laundry Pods:  I'm delusional and think more detergent means cleaner clothes.  Thus it behooves me not to use liquid detergent.  I've used these for over a year and loved them.  My last batch though looked funny - kinda yellowy in color.  Well, they all popped and exploded due to the humidity here.  Not the old ones which are still in their little wrapper-- just the new ones.  So I'm not sure if they've reformulated?  I'm guessing so.  Not sure I'll continue getting them...

Oxy pods:  doesn't seem to have been reformulated.  Always put this in with Tucks clothes which seem to get the most stains on them, followed by my own.

Dryer cloths:  the worst, for me anyway!  not effective.   so we just don't use any:/

Sunscreen:  The stick (great for noses, ears, and wiggly toddlers), a rub in kind and a spray!  let's talk about the spray-  at first I was all hooray - perfect for husbands who go diving with other guys and aren't going to ask dudes to rub sunscreen on their back AND wiggly toddlers but then I used it.  it says "non whitening" but that is false.  I looked like a snowman down in the BVI's.  Anyway as much as I love spray - a sweet reader sent me this report where it says- stay away from spray with babies.  So it's back to the stick and regular sunscreen.

Mouthwash:  the flavor repulses JB but I like it.  still, we've come to compromise on Tom's Mouthwash.

Shampoo and Body Wash:  Love it.  Always go back to it. Love the ease that it's all in one and I don't have to have two separate bottles.  We've got enough clutter with bath toys around here!

Bubble bath:  one of my favorites.  Recently honest stuck a bubble blower in the package - which is something I love about honest, lots of fun surprises.    Little, thoughtful touches.  Plus Tuck is bubble obsessed.

Vitamins:  I still love my vitamins from there!

Bug spray:  Since we live in the swamp that is south florida, mosquitos are everywhere.  I like the honest one, but love the Babyganics bug spray with lots of essential oils.  So it is pretty oily but I think of it as more luxurious.  ha.  I guess when you're a mom, it is?!  {I will say babyganics in general has really deceptive marketing - most of their stuff contains phenoxyethenol- which is something I try to stay away from in anything in my skin}

Washing dishes:  Dishwasher pods:  big fan over here!  Tuck is obsessed with taking them out of the bag and putting them in the little spot.  We also love the rinse aid.   JB doesn't like the dish soap.  He prefers this.

Veggie wash:  Love this, keep it right by my sink at all times.

Hand Sanitizer spray:  prefer the spray over the gel.  But boy do I love the spray!

Toothpaste:  Prefer Tom's because it's whitening.  My mom is looney (in a good way) and just uses baking soda.

Hand soap:  In every bathroom.  My favorite is the mandarin scented one.

    My favorite is the multi surface spray.
    I use their kitchen towels with it, which are very absorbent.  {side note - I hardly ever use paper towels/paper napkins - I think living in europe trained me in this.  just pop them in the laundry at the end of a few days.}
    The toilet scrub isn't super effective and does require a little elbow grease, but that's okay.
    Floor cleaner.  Now that we have all hard wood floors we use the reusable cloth that came with our mint, poor this on there, and we're good to go.  I do this every day.  usually twice.  Then once every two weeks our cleaning lady comes and does the floors with some elbow grease.
   Glass and Window cleaner:  We like this!  you can also just use vinegar which this contains a lot of.
The smell goes away once it dries.  promise.

There are still a few products I need to try from Honest!  I have to say there customer service is great.  Like with the pods - I called, got someone, and they are sending another bag free of charge.  Which has happened a couple of times - when something has leaked- they will take care of it.  If you want to learn more about healthy living and the heart behind the company I suggest getting both their books - An Honest Life and Healthy Child Healthy world.  I also often peek at Safe Mama's site - particularly her cheat sheets.


*Links used are affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

Monday, July 21, 2014

snorkeling virgin gorda

We're back!
I'll recount more later but wanted to show you the photos from the go pro.
I previously had an underwater camera that eventually bit the dust a few years ago and it never seemed to sustain going further than a few feet below.  But not the go pro!  It was sort of confusing at first to get used to, but now I feel like I have a handle on the little contraption.  As you can see, the british virgin islands is an absolutely gorgeous turquoisey dream.  both under water and above (:  
{one piece- 40% off with code SALEFUN // black bikini // rash guard c/o cabana life// gold name necklace c/o onecklace}

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Letters to Tuck // Volume 15

Dear Tuck,

Happy half birthday my little man always on the go, mr. independent and yet mr. snuggly, chaser and catcher of lizards, sir who eats at least a good cup of dirt a day, friend to all, holder of my hand, smoocher who includes sound effects,  the guy who usually has skinned knees, and the ham of all hams.  You are brave, fearless, funny, and you could melt some cold hearts with your infectious smile.  Growing up, I never pictured myself as a boy mom - but you have made me into the proudest one.

loves:  making phone calls and pacing around the room, laughing at anything lola does, picking your nose, cars, steering wheels, hugging people you've only met once, watermelon, swimming, making new friends, swinging in the backyard, grandma's cuckoo clock,  the piano, running full speed ahead.

hates: not getting your way (I feel you on this) - the tantrums are pretty epic these days.  you like to sit down and that's when you've. really! made! your! point! , moving - where is my fun mom?!, sitting still, being called a girl (jk.  that's just your mom.),  the car seat - I thought we were moving out of that hatred but looks like it's here to stay.

I love you, my little prince!

x Mama

Monday, July 7, 2014

Little Dix Bay Bound // Virgin Gorda

JB and I are headed off to Little Dix Bay next weekend.
Have you been to Virgin Gorda?  Have any must do's/eats for us?
I've been away from Tuck for a few nights here and there but seven days is a lot!
I know he is in the best care with my parents, so I hope I'll be able to relax and enjoy instead of worry and be the least fun version of me ever.  ha.  here's to hoping and praying!  for JB's sake.  
right now we have a diving/snorkeling trip planned and a trip to the baths.  So that leaves us needing lots of suggestions.  Although I'm mostly good with a beach side seat and a good book.  
Currently trying to figure out if we need a go pro or if we should just borrow my father in law's underwater camera.  Everyone raves about their go pro and living in Florida it certainly seems attractive to have.  but for $200 i might be better off borrowing.  
would love your advice if you've been // or if you have a go pro!  

Hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July!  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sneak Peek // Lulu & Georgia (Giveaway Closed)

The heavy lifters don't come until tomorrow, and there is still quite a bit to be painted.  But I thought a little sneak of our home ++ a giveaway from my favorite home goods store would be a nice Tuesday Treat.

{baseboards needs a good scrubbin' + paintin'.  but that rug is perrrrfection!  This likely isn't where it'll stay, but I wish I had twenty so I could put it all over my house (:  }
{our kitchen has black granite + white subway tiles + white cabinets.  black granite wouldn't be my first choice, but I still love the little kitchen.  and this best in show container now holds my favorite herb: fresh basil.  I've also used it to hold flowers: here and here.  I think it'd also be super cute holding cotton balls in the bathroom}
{this pineapple was harvested from our front lawn!  and these turkish towels go with me to the beach and will be used on the fourth for a picnic/concert at the park.  they're also so absorbent - have been using them for my hair after the shower.  AND they're a great price!}

Here are some of my other favorite items from L&G:

Want to win $100 gift card to Lulu & Georgia?
Leave one comment letting me know you: follow l&g on Facebook, follow their instagram, and pin an item from their shop  

Congrats to Victoria B!  Giveaway closed.