Three random acts of kindness to do with toddlers

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    As I had mentioned in my October goals post, I’ve been trying to do random acts of kindness with the boys.  One a week was my hope.  So far, so good.  Let’s hope we can keep it up.

    It’s so important to me to teach my kids not just good manners, but to give back when they can.  I realize so much lately that what I model they will do.  If I’m courteous to strangers, they’re a lot more likely to.  Here are just a few ideas we’ve done this month so far.

    Here’s what we’ve done:

    1. We baked some pumpkin muffins for our neighbor for her birthday.  They both loved getting in on the baking!
    2. We took flowers to my Grandma.  And also to her friends at her assisted living facility.  We walked the halls with a bucket of sunflowers, and they both really got in on it.  They handed one out when they saw someone.  It made my day!!  I plan to do this again soon.
    3. We left our mailman a little gift card and a little thank you note the boys scribbled on.


    What we plan to do:


    1.   We plan to do something for our garbage workers.  The boys get so excited to see them and we know our trash has got to be smellier (re: diapers) than others.  Emily had a great idea of taping some subway gift cards with a note of thanks.
    2. I want to bake something or do something nice for my UPS man.  He is so wonderful and helpful.  He’s even caught me when I’m bringing my groceries in from the car and offered to help.  Ideas welcome (:
    3. “Boo” a couple of their friends, since we’ve already been booed!

    I would love to know any ideas you have!!  (:

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