Three transitioning into fall looks

    It is hard to even think about fall clothes in Florida in August.  But I picked up three items recently that will ease me into making that jump into fall.  We leave for Napa later this week, and all three pieces I’ve picked up are coming along.  We are meeting some of JB’s clients turned friends, for a long weekend.  Kids are alternating between grandparents and we are so thankful for another little getaway which would not be easy without them!  One thing I am curious about is how to dress.  I hear Napa is very casual.  No heels, which works for me!

    i wore these target shorts out this summer.  They are too short but so comfy.  Love this who what wear mock neck top  I picked up on clearance the other week.


    This is another who what wear from target.  Though it doesn’t look like it’ll travel well, so I plan to bring our mini steamer.  Love that this color is so big this fall.


    this zara poplin top   is also coming with me to napa!
    Anything I absolutely cannot miss while in Napa?  It’s been a bit intimidating planning everything but I could not be more excited!


    {photos by Shannon Kirsten // her etsy shop}

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